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1-6 Tea Class – White Tea Intro

Pai Mu Tan

The delicate White Tea…

No, this is not black tea with milk… This is White Tea, White Tea… The real thing!

Plucked and dried delicately with a tiniest bit of fermentation. White tea is know to be one of the most sophisticated tea used in elegant tea ceremonies during early dynasties and empires in China.

In this video, you are going to discover…

1. what are the most popular white teas.
2. the process use to create white tea.
3. what is it about white tea that exudes a sophisticated and elegant imagery.


In the above video: White tea… No, no, no, not black tea with milk. White tea is quite unique ranges very small range of tea.

Silver Needle
Silver Needle

The ones that people sort of know about, is the Silver Needle and that is an exemplary white tea.

Because white tea basically is a range of tea that is plucked and dried and sort and that’s about it and there is a tiny tiny bit of fermentation.

Some people say there is no fermentation. Now I have asked a lot of different tea master, read a lot of books and also asked our tea manufacturers.

And so, overall, the consensus is that there is the tiniest tiniest bit of fermentation.

OK? And so, if this bothers you then of course you know, perhaps look at herbal.

Generally speaking, white tea is known to have a higher anti-oxidant content than Green tea.

Because it goes through the least amount of processing and some people are saying that it retained the most truthful representation of tea.

Now White tea is called White tea, because it is so light in color and also pretty light in taste.

Silver Needles, some people say “it taste got a like water.”

We say go ahead and have a sip of water and come back and try it out.

But there are also other ones like Pai Mu Tan or White Peony, that’s like a bit of leaves and a bit of buds.

So, they are little bit more robust in taste.

Sow  Mee
Sow Mee
Then you go to Snow-Mee which means that Old Man’s Eyebrows.

They are essentially all leaves and the brew is very strong.

I didn’t even realize that was White tea before I start working with tea.

And then there is the Jasmine Dragon Pearls which is essentially made of Silver Needles that is been infused with Jasmine and it’s like a really nice light Jasmine green tea.

If you like Jasmine green tea or that Yum Cha tea, this is your tea.

YES! It’s very soothing and it almost sort of giving you that ritualistic kind of thing.

So, there you go a little bit of a White tea.

And the next one must be one of those teas that not all people know about in Australia.

But it is essentially a super duper cool tea and the older the better and that is Pu-erh.

We are going to talk about that in the next video.