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1-9 Tea Class – How to Choose your Tea Supplier


Why are we telling you how to choose you tea supplier?…

Though you might find it a bit weird that a tea supplier is telling her customers on how to choose a tea supplier but we are realistic, realistic in a sense that there are some requirements that you might be looking for that we could not provide.

We want our customers to be happy and we want to help you grow as a business and not just supply you with tea and then just let you be.

In this video you will discover…

1. a checklist of point that you need to consider in choosing your tea supplier?.
2. why there is a need to find a tea supplier that actually cares about your business.
3. why your target customers actually matters when you choose your tea supplier.


In the above video: Hi, Salina here from and Empiro, thanks for watching this video. You might be wondering, why I want to tell you about choosing your tea supplier. You would probably think that, well wouldn’t you want me to buy tea from you.

The fact is, everyone out there is looking for something and we would not be able to service everyone.

You might be looking for $2 a kilo tea; we definitely can’t help you with that.

You might be looking for something that extremely exotic or it’s a seasonal release, those things, yeah, I love to bring them in too but the demand is just too little in Australia right now, so no… They are not really our bag either.

We do a lot of bulk tea, they are our custom blends, we are looking at the recipes of the teas that we bring in and try to make something unique out of them.

They are above average grade and a lot of them are our own blends.

In fact, no, we are not totally organic although we are approaching that direction of having more organic blends.

We also do custom blending and custom packing.

Going back to choosing a tea supplier, you need to go back and look at yourself and do a bit of soul searching in that way, “what kind of customer do you want to walk in to the door of your business?”.

Because, if you’re a teashop vs a café vs a well-being centre, all three different type of industry we worked with have got different requirements with tea.

They all using tea for different reasons, so because of that, you really have to actually go back and say, “okay, what kind of supplier is going to help me to achieve those goals?”, and I really want you to have a bit of a think about that.

Of course, have a look at our website and see what we offer as well. But, yeah, very importantly is to see what your target market is because, just simply saying that all tea drinkers is going to be your target market, it’s just going to give you more stress than you need.

So, I do encourage you to have a bit of a think about that in terms of choosing your supplier.

We do actually have a presentation that we did earlier, an online webinar, that is about 50 minutes, it’s quite long and really goes through discussing different kinds of tea suppliers and how you choose them, what you want to think and what you want to watch out for.

As well as the their strength and weaknesses.

I do want to send that to you as well, it will come up a little later after this video, if you continue to be our member.

So, I look forward to having more conversation with you and if you need a little bit of a chat in terms of that soul searching to find the right tea supplier to lock in to your business goals, feel free to drop us a line or give us call. Visit