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1-8 Tea Class – Herbal Infusion Introduction

hibiscus herbal drink

Herbal Infusion vs Single Herbal Tea

Are you thinking of going herbal with your tea?

Herbal tea per se is quite popular nowadays and a lot tea sellers are are selling it and the question now is, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE YOURS STAND OUT?

In this video, we are going to touch a little bit about selling your herbal tea profitably and knowing who you want to sell them to. Why? Watch this short video to find out!

In this video, you will learn:

1. the advantages and disadvantages of selling herbal teas.

2. how to sell your herbal tea profitably.

3. why is there a need for you to make your herbal tea unique and special.


In the above video: Herbs – wow! Such a humongous range of things to put in together.
Herbal teas here in Australia, are just so blessed to have more and more of them coming in.

We now know things like Acai which I’ve never come across couple of years ago.


Wolfberry, I always had it since since I was young but it’s actually in soup. Mom always tells me that it’s good for the eyes.

Chrysanthemum, I always had it since I was young to reduce body heat.

It’s one of those really tasty drink that go really nicely hot or cold with a little bit of honey even with ice, that’s perfect!

Chamomile, a lot of people know about it, so as peppermint.

Hibiscus, another one that is super popular, sometimes called Rosella and it’s great for even kids because it tastes kind of like Ribena without sugar and kind of starchy taste but it’s got this steamy red colour and you can again make with ice and drop some fruit in it.

Turn it into a replacement for cardio for your kids.

There are definitely all of these out there now and that is also a challenge as a supplier of herbs, how you are going to make this profitable because if Joe comes in and say have you got Acai and Mary comes in and say have you got Chrysanthemum?

How are you going to juggle because it’s just really a humongous range?

When customers come to us and say give me your popular ones, and on top of my head I definitely know a couple of them such as Ginger Kiss, Chrysanthemum, and Hibiscus are named for a reason because they are really popular but outside of these they’re all these different ones.


So in order to sell it more profitably, popularity is not necessarily your key.

It goes back to some of the videos that we talk about things about selling popular tea. That states that you need to actually look at your target market or your audience.

Who do you want to walk into your shop, give you money that you’re happily taking and feeling like “I’ve helped them finding the right thing” and hopefully that would generate re-sell.

Those are the things that we are aiming for.

Not necessarily just about out there that is popular, because when it’s popular you are also competing with all of the other shops out there that are selling teas or “popular teas”.

Often we say it’s more profitable selling mixes compared to single herbs.

Imagine all are selling chamomile and why do people come to you? It’s not just a lot of reason.

Come to think about that and when it comes to properties like detoxing, energizing, relaxing, they are really popular but if you have a lot of picky moms with their kids then those are not necessarily your thing to sell.

Most moms are not thinking about detoxing, calming perhaps yes, energizing well we’re kind of actually stay clear from it. So if you have energizing ginseng tea, pregnant woman should not be drinking it.

These are the sort of things that you really need to put into consideration.

I definitely encourage you to really have a look at who’s walking through that door that you want to serve that you want to provide for.

If you’re totally new to this then OK grab a couple of the mainstream, you know popular types and again I would still go for mixes.

Selling single herbs, unless they are something quite unusual, it’s a little bit hard for you to again compete with all the other mainstream shops.

Like Rooibos, you can find that in supermarket now, but if you’re more in the remote area and supermarket doesn’t sell it you can perhaps bring it in.

So having a more holistic view on who’s walking into your door, who you want to serve and trying to bring in tea to help them and herbs is the same.
So I hope this is useful to you and before this video we talked about a lot of the other ordinary teas.

I hope you do enjoy those and any feedback or topic suggestions feel free to drop us a line in our contact us form Thanks!