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Add Oolong Tea For Digestion In Your Tea Range

Your tea range needs a tea for digestion, a.k.a. digestive tea, for it is one of the top reasons people seek tea.   There are a lot of people who drink tea to help them loose weight, improve their metaoblism and relieve them from the feeling of being too full.  Oolong tea is what we recommend.

It is a very popular tea just as green tea, and black tea are.  It is good to be prepared and ready with a variety of Oolong tea.  As for taste and character, it depends on what you want in an Oolong, a Chinese one or a Taiwanese one?

Chinese oolong tends to be stronger.  The leaf colour is a good gauge on how strong it tastes, which means the black leaf Wuyi Shui Xian more black tea like.

Tie Guan Yin LightWuyi Da Hong PaoWuyi Shui Xian

Taiwanese Wulong, however, tends to be softer and floral.  If you like green tea and white tea, then Taiwanese oolong is a must buy to try.

Ever Spring OolongGin Shan CremeOrganic GABA OolongRose Oolong

Just remember, oolong is a full leaf tea.  Chopped up oolong or with lots of broken leaves are poorer grade.

Below are some of the ones we best recommend of this traditional Chinese tea type.

Just steep tea  in very hot water to help them unfurl and brew well in short periods of time.

However, unlike other teas, oolong get better during rebrewing.  Now isn’t that an even better reason why one should have a stock of this tea?

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