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Best Tea for Digestion You Can Offer To Your Customers

There is no denying that our product, tea, is sought after by many for health reasons.

Some love tea with Vitamin C for their kids or for immunity.

Some love tea as an alternative to coffee.

But a lot of people love drinking tea to slim down because it helps improve metabolism and aide digestion.

So if you want to add more Tea For Digestion in your tea range, we recommend the following:

  1. Aussie Green

    Lemony and smooth without the acidic sharpness, the popular Aussie Green is a nice finish to a good meal made with Australian ingredients only.
  2. Australian Sencha
    Sencha is one of the most requested Japanese green tea. Soft, yet with good flavour with a clean taste. This unique Australian Sencha is a refreshing tea after meal.
  3. Bright Balance Detox

    Wonderful selection of herbs to deactivate and remove toxins from your entire body while supplying it with micronutrients which restore and vitalise every tissue of your body.
  4. Ginger Kiss
    Ginger Kiss warms the body and refreshes the mind. A tasty gingery infusion – a tiny bit tangy with zing!
  5. Mandarin Puerh

    Chinese has been drinking Puerh for circulation and digestions for ages. This Mandarin Puerh adds a refreshing touch to this great tea.
  6. Rose Oolong
    Rose Oolong tea is a popular tea in Asia for its reputed properties of beautifying the skin and body shape!
  7. Wuyi Da Hong Pao

    Wuyi oolong tea is reputed to help digestion. Da Hong Pao is known to be a well made Wuyi rock tea.

There you go, 7 teas for your customers who want to improve their digestion.

As added advice, teas are best taken after or during meals, and not on empty stomachs.

The teas mentioned above are all available in the “Tea for Digestion” portion of

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