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DIY kills Your Tea Biz

This is the usual suspect to your new tea biz failure.

Yet, to most startup tea businesses, this is totally undetectable.

I was there. Green as a lushy leaf, thinking of saving myself some money.


This is a killer.

Don’t believe me?

So you know how you work day and night to “make your business work”?

You want to do it yourself, like packing the tea yourself instead of getting private label tea experts to do it for you, or work out how to sell, instead of learning from sales experts.

Yes, learn the skill, save money, or just want to get it done.

Truth is, we all DIY to some degree.

Yes you, and me!

But learning a new skill is good, right?


Not every skill is WORTH YOUR TIME to learn.

Check out this video – I talked about how to figure out what to learn and what not to INVEST your time in learning or doing. This will not only save you time and money, but also the likely death of your business, now or further down the track!





So if you want palm off tea packing, chat with us today.

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Preparing For The Season of Autumn Teas

Autumn: spices, harvest, bright then subtle colors, cooler temperatures, transition, celebrate and accept the change of seasons.

Offering warming autumn teas, which reflect the colors of the season, can help the body prepare for the darker winter months.

Here are the autumn teas our herbalist, Pat Bratianu, recommend to give warmth that will give great comfort to your tea customers.

Preparing for Winter Wellness with Tea


Fall is the time to strengthen the immune system and prepare the respiratory tract to fight off winter illnesses.  Tasty teas support wellness and provide needed hydration during autumn days and nights.

Enjoy Colorful Teas at Autumn Holiday Celebrations

Colorful teas which reflect the beauty of the season are a delight at this time of year.  Chrysanthemum, Mandarin Puerh (tea blend featured last month),

Celebrate autumn with hibiscus.

Hibiscus, and other brightly colored teas are delightful to share with friends at autumn celebrations.

Prepare the body with Calendula.

Calendula is a beautiful flower tea which helps to prepare the body for winter.

Start and End Autumn Days with Hearty Teas

Starting the day with a hearty black tea and ending it with a fruity and spicy blend.  These teas warm the body and soul.

Doesn’t offering a cup of a hearty English or Irish Breakfast tea for your customers sound like a terrific way to greet a cool autumn morning?

Give warmth with Chai.
Spicy Chai

Try suggesting Spicy Chai on a chilly fall evening.  Organic teas and caffeine-free chai blends are delicious.

Support your respiratory system with Berry Ferry
Berry Fairy

Lastly, Load up on Tea Rich in Vitamins That Strengthen the Immune System

Berry Fairy is a fruity tea which contains elderberries. Elderberries are outstanding for respiratory and immune system support.

Turkish Apple is rich in Vit C
Turkish Apple


Turkish Apple Tea can celebrate the harvest and provide vitamin C which enhances the function of the immune system.

Both are excellent teas for adults and children.



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5 Chinese Flower Tea

Flower Tea a.k.a. floral tea blends*, are infusions that are composed of dried flowers, buds and/or petals.  These are mostly non-caffeinated and categorized as herbal because these do not contain Camelia sinensis leaves.  They can be blended into green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, puerh to add to the flavor.

These are great to serve to anyone at anytime of the day, even during meals (ei. lunch, dinner, yum cha), afternoon tea or high tea most are non-caffeinated and kid-friendly.

These teas are also great to blend with other tea types to add to the benefits of your brew.  Flower tea is usually drank for cooling, relaxing, throat-soothing or their taste that are distinct to other types of tea.

Each one is unique.

In the video below however, we enumerate Chinese flower tea to narrow down the choices you can look at.

These are what we recommend for your tea range because of their uniqueness and simplicity.

Chinese Flower Tea video


Chrysanthemum – famous tea that lowers body temperature.

Osmanthus – been used by the Chinese to cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Ginseng Flowers – alleviates tiredness and energizes the mind.


Jasmine buds
Jasmine buds

Jasmine Buds – can help to uplift your mood.

Hibiscus – rich in Vitamin C and good for digestion.





Enjoy introducing your customers to the world of Flower Tea. 🙂

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*Floral teas are not to be confused with flowering teas, blooming teas, blossoming teas, or bouquet teas.

If you were looking for flowering teas, click here.

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Add Oolong Tea For Digestion In Your Tea Range

Your tea range needs a tea for digestion, a.k.a. digestive tea, for it is one of the top reasons people seek tea.   There are a lot of people who drink tea to help them loose weight, improve their metaoblism and relieve them from the feeling of being too full.  Oolong tea is what we recommend.

It is a very popular tea just as green tea, and black tea are.  It is good to be prepared and ready with a variety of Oolong tea.  As for taste and character, it depends on what you want in an Oolong, a Chinese one or a Taiwanese one?

Chinese oolong tends to be stronger.  The leaf colour is a good gauge on how strong it tastes, which means the black leaf Wuyi Shui Xian more black tea like.

Tie Guan Yin LightWuyi Da Hong PaoWuyi Shui Xian

Taiwanese Wulong, however, tends to be softer and floral.  If you like green tea and white tea, then Taiwanese oolong is a must buy to try.

Ever Spring OolongGin Shan CremeOrganic GABA OolongRose Oolong

Just remember, oolong is a full leaf tea.  Chopped up oolong or with lots of broken leaves are poorer grade.

Below are some of the ones we best recommend of this traditional Chinese tea type.

Just steep tea  in very hot water to help them unfurl and brew well in short periods of time.

However, unlike other teas, oolong get better during rebrewing.  Now isn’t that an even better reason why one should have a stock of this tea?

How To Make Your Own Tea Blend

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix


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Reasons Why Tea with Chocolate Will Boost Your Sales

Determining what goes into your tea range or tea collection takes you to decide what you want to offer as a brand.

We understand since we have been selling tea for more than 10 years to retailers and wholesalers thru  We highly recommend to feature this tea in your list of what tea to sell because it can boost your sales.

Here are the reasons how Chocolate tea can get you more sales.

1. Simple to understand.

Chocolate tea is a combo of loose leaf tea, sometimes spices, and cacao nibs.  A simple concept drawn out of the world’s love for chocolate.

Currently, there are 6 chocolate teas we offer — Chocolaty Chocolate Tea.

It will instantly get people interested and tuned in once you talk about it to your customers.

Chocolate is Easter, the Birthday Cake, the Holidays, Valentines, etc.

2. It isn’t boring.  There’s variety.

Here’s a little bit more info on the Chocolate teas that are more popular among our retail customers.

If your customers love milk tea (a common request) and they are looking for a chocolate tea taste that would stay above milk, these are the recommended teas great mixed with milk.

Choc Spice - an authentic cupp of spicy chocolate teaChoc Spice has a little spice kick.  A real party in the mouth with the ginger and wolfberries to mix with the cacao nibs when you mix it with milk.

Tahiti, newest from among all chocolate teas mentioned, is a drinkable version of Australia’s favorite pastry, the Lamington. It has coconut that mixes so well with cacao nibs that give off such a beautiful smell.

Cocoa Haven would be an obvious choice, as it has the most chocolaty taste.  So if you want something to transition from chocolate milk itself to chocolate milk tea, then go for this tea.

Then Daydream, another spiced chocolate tea but what’s different is it has anise. This reminds me of a chocolate version of old fashioned Dutch anijsmelk.

3. The healthier chocolate.

Health reasons is among the biggest reasons why we sell tea.  Tea is just so wonderful in giving health benefits making it more enjoyable to drink.

With chocolate tea, it is no doubt a healthier choice as you get the infusion of cacao nibs in the tea instead of consuming cocoa powder mixed in drinks that have relatively higher fat content and sometimes very unhealthy amounts of sugar.


Exotic Teas and Herbs

These chocolate teas are all available in the “Tea for Chocoholics” portion of

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Best Tea for Digestion You Can Offer To Your Customers

There is no denying that our product, tea, is sought after by many for health reasons.

Some love tea with Vitamin C for their kids or for immunity.

Some love tea as an alternative to coffee.

But a lot of people love drinking tea to slim down because it helps improve metabolism and aide digestion.

So if you want to add more Tea For Digestion in your tea range, we recommend the following:

  1. Aussie Green

    Lemony and smooth without the acidic sharpness, the popular Aussie Green is a nice finish to a good meal made with Australian ingredients only.
  2. Australian Sencha
    Sencha is one of the most requested Japanese green tea. Soft, yet with good flavour with a clean taste. This unique Australian Sencha is a refreshing tea after meal.
  3. Bright Balance Detox

    Wonderful selection of herbs to deactivate and remove toxins from your entire body while supplying it with micronutrients which restore and vitalise every tissue of your body.
  4. Ginger Kiss
    Ginger Kiss warms the body and refreshes the mind. A tasty gingery infusion – a tiny bit tangy with zing!
  5. Mandarin Puerh

    Chinese has been drinking Puerh for circulation and digestions for ages. This Mandarin Puerh adds a refreshing touch to this great tea.
  6. Rose Oolong
    Rose Oolong tea is a popular tea in Asia for its reputed properties of beautifying the skin and body shape!
  7. Wuyi Da Hong Pao

    Wuyi oolong tea is reputed to help digestion. Da Hong Pao is known to be a well made Wuyi rock tea.

There you go, 7 teas for your customers who want to improve their digestion.

As added advice, teas are best taken after or during meals, and not on empty stomachs.

The teas mentioned above are all available in the “Tea for Digestion” portion of

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