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Tea Blending Empress Garden with Love

Green tea is a big favourite among Australians and the whole wide world of tea drinkers. It is the most talked about type of tea due to many research and discoveries of benefits of green tea.

It is also what we recommend for tea shops, restaurants and cafes to have enough stock of because of its popularity.

Jasmine tea, a Chinese green tea with jasmine flowers, is one we sometimes run out of but not only because we have many orders of it but also because it is a nice based for tea blending.

Empress Garden is sample of this. Watch the video below to know more.

Tea blending is something we offer especially for different occasions for you to love and experiment with as well.

Unique blends appeal to customers as you can market your principles and concepts you have uniquely for your own brand and be more than just the standard tea-serving business.


How To Make Your Own Tea Blend


Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix

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Watch This Video: Kung Fu Tea Being Served

You might have come across the previous post about what Kung Fu Tea is and what is needed to serve this, so now let us show you how it is done.

Click here to see the Introduction to Kung Fu Tea

In the video, Salina shows you a Kung Fu tea ceremony in how it is served.  She shows you process and the explanations for each beautiful step in relation to Chinese tea culture and traditions.  You will learn that even the mere showing of the leaves to the guests has an importance.

(Turn on the captions option to read the reasons for each artsy step in the making of Kung Fu Tea.)

For additional notes, check this explanation vid of the Kung Fu Tea ceremony above. 



Exotic Teas and Herbs

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Tea Blending Tahiti Inspired by the Lamington

Hello. Salina here from and

Today we are going to talk about custom blending your tea.

You might be thinking, yeah… “That would be so cool,” and might go asking, “Do you have a tea  blend is kind of like coffee?”. Or, “I really love lemon myrtle I could blend with another tea.”  

In custom tea blending, you can certainly make that personal touch with your tea and to make it more interesting.  

To demonstrate custom blending, I will use a particular tea that holds a special place in our hearts because it has a fun taste.  We also want to honor this great place that we live in, Australia.

Being a bit of a foodie, I actually like Lamington but it is a little bit hard to get a good one nowadays.  Lamington has got this coconut chocolate flavour that has got that indulgence and fun sense to it.

If you are looking for a bit of Aussie feel, you also have a freedom to use Australian ingredients for your custom blends.

If you want to create something that goes well with pavlova, or maybe sausages, then you can look at the tea creation process from what you are trying to match it with that will make it easier for you to sell it to your customers.

Create something that has a story or an emotional attachment that is relatable and will make people want to try it.

So, the lamington-like tea, called Tahiti, has got chocolate and coconut in it with a lovely touch of rose petals, to make it more interesting and rose gives you that sort of romance.

If you dissect Tahiti tea, the black tea will give you that robust base in addition to the chocolate which is very marketable paired with the hip and trendy coconut flavour.

With the combination of all these interesting ingredients in a tea, it will be easier for you to get creative with your story to talk about the tea. The rose, because we want to call it Tahiti, is to give it a softer and holiday kind of touch it and to create that emotional attachment.

That is why Tahiti is made that way!

The coconut shreds, as you can see, is more for looks to make the tea jump up because the colour of the black tea is overwhelming, to create that sort of contrast with the white colour of the coconut ribbons in it.

I would like to invite you to have a conversation with us about custom blending your tea. Making it magical and personal so you could talk about tea like it is your baby, you made it!

Come to us and have a bit of a chat about the private label tea packs and custom tea blending.

Looking forward to have a conversation with you very soon to make that unique tea for you!

Take care!

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix


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Commercial Bottled Tea Companies Are Laughing At You

Commercial Bottled Tea?  Why are you supporting this?

You can be a cafe or a restaurant that serves tea and it may be easier to just add this option in your menu, but if you are conscious about your customers’ health, switch right away to freshly brewed tea.

The companies selling these commercial bottled tea in plastics are laughing at you for mindlessly subjecting yourself to a poor quality sugar-ladened drink made from dust (and, please, don’t even get me started about the container it is in and how hurtful it is to your health and the environment).

You are paying way more than what you are getting.  You don’t know where these bottled tea companies are getting their tea leaves.  Whether they were fresh, organic, pesticide-free, premium or not.  With millions of possible sources of tea, you can’t just believe what the packaging tells you and serve these to your customers, can you?

Getting your own tea leaves, checking the quality and brewing them is way much better.

Here in Empiroteas, members get access to lessons on How to Tell If Tea Leaves are Great Quality.  Click here to sign up if you are interested.

The Health Benefits of Tea

Do you even know if these companies use what tea experts call “dust”, or chopped up tea leaves of which oils, aroma and natural taste you expect have already evaporated and dried up in the early stages of handling chopped tea?  What is the tea brewed from this even worth, really?

If you are still offering commercial bottled tea believing your customers are getting anti-oxidants, anti-microbial and other health benefits, sorry to tell you but these are only available in freshly steeped or newly brewed good quality tea.

Anti-oxidants in mass-produced commercial bottled tea were long gone before they reached shelves where you get them from.

If you want your customers to feel good that they bought from you, brew your own tea, it’s good for your wallet and for your business.  Nobody needs the overload of syrups, sugar, food colouring and artificial flavouring from these bottled iced teas.

Save Your Money, Earn More

A 500mL bottle of  costs about $4 in the market.

$8 get you at least 10 servings of brewed tea that you can add ice into to make iced tea.  This is from 20g of Ceylon Black OP loose leaf tea.

That’s $0.80 each serving of fresh iced tea that you can just fetch from the chiller.  Serve with lots of ice, then a choice of chilled lemon and honey for a refreshing drink or chilled condensed milk for a little indulgence.

Your customers will love you for it!


Berry Fairy is this exciting fruity tea full of berries that are rich in antioxidants.
Berry Fairy is this exciting fruity tea full of berries that are rich in antioxidants.

20g of Ceylon Black OP loose leaf tea may say it is 20 cups of tea that you can chill, but remember if you want to add ice, make tea twice as strong when brewing to make 10 servings.  Watch this video about Easy Iced Tea.

If you want to go fruity try Berry Fairy, an exciting blend of berries filled with anti-oxidants that people always look for in a tea.

Another fruity blend recommended would be Amore, which has a sweet winter-like reminding taste.

The classic black teas that we recommend aside from Ceylon Black would be a refreshingly tangy bright orange tea, Citrus Amber.

Aussie Green, for me, is the best for unsweetened iced tea.
Aussie Green, for me, is the best for unsweetened iced tea.

For green teas, go for Aussie Green, which is great unsweetened, in my opinion this is the best.

Jasmine Green is and has always been popular, so having it in your menu would be safe as your customers might look for it.

Then, Hula Girl always sparks interest because of how it can send one in vacation-mode with its coconut and red hue.




Stand out from other cafes

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Add Sales – Create Your New Tea Blend For Your Shop

Add sales for your shop.  Create your new tea blend for your shop!  Create custom tea blends for your customers!

Stand out from fellow tea sellers by creating a new tea we can formulate based on a concept recipe you design.

Have a one-of-a-kind tea you can offer solely in your cafe.   Sell your new tea in your shop to add profit too.

People are generally curious and adventurous to try new things offered to them.  But we don’t want to just take advantage of this, of course.  We are offering you a way for you to create a brand that has your own signature style.

Tea blends can be crafted from specific tastes you like to combine.  Tangy, sweet, strong, mild, floral, fruity, herbal and we have a wide range of more than 150 black, green, white, red, herbal, fruit, floral teas from around the world that we are very familiar with to help you create that tea blend you want.

Tea blends can also be inspired by food like Tahiti for example, which is also known as, Lamington Tea.

Watch the video below to know more about this:

Create Your New Tea Blend – example Tahiti

Let’s launch your unique blend of loose leaf tea!

Let’s pick out the ingredients for your unique blend of loose leaf tea that your customers will love and remember you for.

Click here to start your Private Label Tea by signing up for or signing in to your wholesale membership.

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix

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Even McDonalds is doing this

mcdonalds-matcha-soft-serve-bannerMany cafes come and go.

How do you ensure you keep your cafe running and thriving?

Look at McDonalds – even this restaurant giant is adapting. In Hong Kong, McDonalds is now serving Soya milk besides their usual English Muffins, and in the afternoon, check out what we find – Green Tea Matcha Soft Serve.

Survival of the fittest.

What could you do to create an edge with your cafe menu?

Cafes we work with are ready to stand out and make a mark with their tea.

This is so key because every cafe can make scramble eggs and claims to make a decent coffee.

For me, I go to cafes that I can have a good leaf tea – every just English Breakfast – a good one with flavour and strength.

For my 7 and 5 years old daughters, they want to go to cafes that have colouring.

When we go out, we want to go to cafes with staff knows to put hot pots near adults, and glasses in front of the kids, not next to their elbows.

Can you add extra special touches to increase tea sales?

Check out 5 new menu items for your cafe, using your existing tea.

  1. Lemon Tea – Serve English Breakfast with a couple slices of lemon instead of milk. Honey optional.
  2. Kids friendly – brew chamomile in milk. Great for sniffy nose and hyper kids.
  3. Matcha Milkshake / Icecream – if you have already got Matcha green tea powder for latte, use it for icecream. Stir in 3 tablespoons Matcha per 1 litre vanilla icecream. Adjust depending on your Matcha (we recommend Organic Aracha Matcha for this).Milkshake – 2 teaspoon Matcha + 1 glass Milk. Whizz and serve.
  4. Chai Frappe – freeze ready made chai in ice trays, whizz it in a blended to order.
  5. Apple Orchard Tea – 1/3 apple juice + 2/3 medium strength English Breakfast or Sencha Green Tea.

These are so easy to make without you forking out extra investment to start – use what you have, and create a tea that people talk about!