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Best Chinese Tea For Your Shop

Cha is chinese for tea and there are so many varieties of Chinese tea in the market.  If you don’t have a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaking tongue, you might not be even aware two teas were actually the same only given different names.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing what you want as part of your tea line.

To make it a bit easier, we have chosen our 5 best Chinese tea that we recommend based on our experience of selling tea online since 2003 as well as feedback of retail customers, and partners of restaurant and cafe owners.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (White Tea)

  • sometimes this tea goes sold out in our shop
  • well-loved for its light fragrant coupled with a full pack of anti-oxidants.

Long Jing Xi Hu (Green Tea)

  • hand-made very high quality tea from the village of the same name
  • most well-known Chinese tea
  • also known as Lung Ching, Pinyin, Longjing Cha.

Chrysanthemum (Herbal Tea)

  • also a tea that sometimes goes sold out in
  • drank by a lot because of its relaxing properties and because it is caffeine-free

Pu-erh Tea

  • it is tea type of its own because it is the one and only post-fermented tea
  • drank for its digestive aiding properties and ability to cleanse fat
  • this tea is also superb to warm bodies in cold climate

Golden Dan Chong (Oolong Tea)

  • a wonderful yin-yang tea because it is both strong and soft at the same time
  • also sought out because of its “slimming” properties

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Exciting Restaurant Recipe Ideas – Tea Smoked Meat and Fish

Tea is not just drank.  We have proven that a few times by sharing some food recipes that have tea infused in them in different ways.

Click here if you want Food Recipes with Tea

Below this article however, we have gathered restaurant recipe ideas that involve smoking some meat and fish with tea.

These would be a nice additional to your specials if you have a cafe or restaurant. Or simply a nice unique additional to the next barbecue cookout!

But first, why add tea to your barbecue, you may ask?  Well it’s simple really.  Tea pairs really well with meat and fish.  Whether it is to enhance or to contrast, certain teas paired with some meats can absolutely add a special kick to flavours and graduate dishes to being simple to being special.

Cinnamon Tea Smoked Duck with Green Mango Slaw


Tea Smoked Sea Bass


Grilled Smoked Tea Rib-Eye Steak


Lapsang-Souchong Cured Salmon


Lapsang Souchong

Black Tea

(Not in video) Tea Smoked Pork Tenderloin



We dedicate this to the barbecue-loving folks out there, especially the blokes.

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Pure Australian Tea – 100% Made in Australia

Pure Australian Tea

We source out most tea from other countries, but we do have some tea that are 100% from our beloved Australia.

And if you are a restaurant, a cafe or a tea business that would love to add pure Australian tea to your tea line, or would love to support local tea producers in Australia, you would be glad to know what these teas are.

Lemon Myrtle (organic and caffeine-free)

  • a refreshing lemony herbal tea
  • pleasantly softer-tasting and less acidic than lemon
  • grown in strict pesticide-free region in the New South Wales

Aussie Green (one of our best tasting)

  • an energising fresh green tea either iced or hot
  • compliments any meal and cleanses palate making one enjoy food even more
  • processed just like Japanese green tea Sencha but made in Victoria region

Daintree Tea (famous)

  • a well-loved low tannin levels black tea because of its medium strength
  • fantastic to serve for your Afternoon Tea or High Tea Set Special
  • from North Queensland

Carob Tea (highly beneficial)

  • a wellness tea sought out for its properties (fights osteoporosis, cancer, asthma, digestive problems, high blood pressure and more)
  • Read this to know more “12 Benefits of Carob
  • from South Australia

Remember, you can get all these teas at wholesale price when you sign up for wholesale membership.

To apply for membership, click here.


Video: Australian Tea and Herbs for Your Tea Business

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Add Sales – Create Your New Tea Blend For Your Shop

Create Your New Tea Blend For Your Shop

Add sales for your shop.  Create your new tea blend for your shop!  Create custom tea blends for your customers!

Stand out from fellow tea sellers by creating a new tea we can formulate based on a concept recipe you design.

Have a one-of-a-kind tea you can offer solely in your cafe.   Sell your new tea in your shop to add profit too.

People are generally curious and adventurous to try new things offered to them.  But we don’t want to just take advantage of this, of course.  We are offering you a way for you to create a brand that has your own signature style.

Tea blends can be crafted from specific tastes you like to combine.  Tangy, sweet, strong, mild, floral, fruity, herbal and we have a wide range of more than 150 black, green, white, red, herbal, fruit, floral teas from around the world that we are very familiar with to help you create that tea blend you want.

Tea blends can also be inspired by food like Tahiti for example, which is also known as, Lamington Tea.

Watch the video below to know more about this:

Create Your New Tea Blend – example Tahiti

Let’s launch your unique blend of loose leaf tea!

Let’s pick out the ingredients for your unique blend of loose leaf tea that your customers will love and remember you for.

Click here to start your Private Label Tea by signing up for or signing in to your wholesale membership.

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix

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3 Profitable Tea Selling Tips

Citron Green Tea, Turkish Apple and Rose Oolong - 3 popular teas

Is tea selling profitable?

How can you selling the quality leaf tea you believe in, and make a rewarding earning out of it?

Our Wholesale Members get more tips – go to and sign up for wholesale membership and you will receive a free 12 video e-class to help you to rock your tea sales.

Here are 3 tips how to:

  • Define Your Niche
  • Add Value to Your Customers
  • Repeat Sales

More in the video!

This video is created by, the Australian leading leaf tea seller. We offer:

  • Tea Manufacturing (Custom blend welcome)
  • Private Label Tea Packs
  • Over 150 Artisan blends and quality leaf tea

So if you are looking for the tea wholesalers Australia who are above and beyond just selling you tea products, come talk to us. We don’t prescribe.


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Iced tea


iced-lemon-tea2Q: I am not a fan of hot tea, but I really enjoy iced tea. Could you please recommend some teas which are ideally suited for making iced tea? Do you have any teas that are specially blended for iced tea? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your email. Essentially any tea can be made into an iced tea. It is a matter of personal preference to you like iced.

Generally speaking, most people prefer fruitier tea for iced tea, so Berry Fairy, Amore, Strawberry cream are pretty nice choices. Black tea – Lemon n Lime, Citrus Amber; green tea – Aussie Green, Green tea with Jasmine, Hula Girl are some other choices.

If you are more keen of the kind of “southern US” kind of iced tea, then any plain black tea can do the trick, but I would recommend Ceylon Classic OP for its clarity and aroma, or lower tannin Chinese blacks such as Keemun and Lychee Red black tea.

Hope there is some “food” for thought there for you 🙂