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Chocolaty Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea - another level of culinary expression
Most population in this entire Universe LOVE chocolate.
Chocolate has the power to swoon and in recent years, the power to power up, and could be even good for you.
So selling chocolate tea is sort of a no brainer 😉
You will see people will get drawn to try tea with cocoa nibs in it because it sounds close to home or similar to something they know they already like.
Of course chocolate has not been associated with tea as much as coffee, but if you could open your mind, and your customers, you can see it can provide a rich sensory experience.  You have to taste it to believe it!
Important thing about buying or selling chocolate tea is that chocolate tea is NOT chocolate.  It doesn’t have the cream / fat content to make it rich.  So you either have to add milk to give it back that silky touch, or see it more like a cacao drink.
Either way you will find your tea business just hit another level of culinary expression when you sell chocolate teas.
Let us give you some examples of Chocoholic teas:

Cocoa Haven

Cocoa Haven –

Rated best chocolate tea in Australia! Yes this is the Chocolate tea you’ve been waiting for.


Choc Spice

Choc Spice –

Pampering and spicy, this Choc Spice black tea is going to get you fire up this winter, inside and out.


Chocolate Lapacho

Chocolate Lapacho –

Lapacho is regarded as the “heal all” herbs by some ancient South American tribes.

This chocolate flavoured lapacho makes it all the more fun to maintain your wellbeing.



Daydream –

A tasty indulgent mix of rose natural dark chocolate flavour and star anise with black tea.
Daydream is a great cup to relax with and drift away… popular.



Samba –

This tangy blend also features cacao pieces make this choc-berry blend super tasty – chill it for a great summer drink.

Special ingredient in this mix is the Acai (ah-sign-ee) which comes from the Amazonian Basin. Grown substainably, Acai is a great food for energy, with low GI and caffeine free.



Tahiti –

Tahiti is the drinkable Lamington! The ultimate and timeless pair Coconut and Chocolate gives you the aromatic delight that is hard to resist. The Tahiti black tea blend will take you to tropical escape – best enjoyed sitting in your favourite couch!

Exotic Teas and Herbs

These chocolate teas are all available in the “Tea for Chocoholics” portion of

If you’d like to buy them in wholesale price, you can do so by signing up as a wholesale member

or log into your member’s account in

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Tea Blending Tahiti Inspired by the Lamington

Tea Blending series - Tahiti

Hello. Salina here from and

Today we are going to talk about custom blending your tea.

You might be thinking, yeah… “That would be so cool,” and might go asking, “Do you have a tea  blend is kind of like coffee?”. Or, “I really love lemon myrtle I could blend with another tea.”  

In custom tea blending, you can certainly make that personal touch with your tea and to make it more interesting.  

To demonstrate custom blending, I will use a particular tea that holds a special place in our hearts because it has a fun taste.  We also want to honor this great place that we live in, Australia.

Being a bit of a foodie, I actually like Lamington but it is a little bit hard to get a good one nowadays.  Lamington has got this coconut chocolate flavour that has got that indulgence and fun sense to it.

If you are looking for a bit of Aussie feel, you also have a freedom to use Australian ingredients for your custom blends.

If you want to create something that goes well with pavlova, or maybe sausages, then you can look at the tea creation process from what you are trying to match it with that will make it easier for you to sell it to your customers.

Create something that has a story or an emotional attachment that is relatable and will make people want to try it.

So, the lamington-like tea, called Tahiti, has got chocolate and coconut in it with a lovely touch of rose petals, to make it more interesting and rose gives you that sort of romance.

If you dissect Tahiti tea, the black tea will give you that robust base in addition to the chocolate which is very marketable paired with the hip and trendy coconut flavour.

With the combination of all these interesting ingredients in a tea, it will be easier for you to get creative with your story to talk about the tea. The rose, because we want to call it Tahiti, is to give it a softer and holiday kind of touch it and to create that emotional attachment.

That is why Tahiti is made that way!

The coconut shreds, as you can see, is more for looks to make the tea jump up because the colour of the black tea is overwhelming, to create that sort of contrast with the white colour of the coconut ribbons in it.

I would like to invite you to have a conversation with us about custom blending your tea. Making it magical and personal so you could talk about tea like it is your baby, you made it!

Come to us and have a bit of a chat about the private label tea packs and custom tea blending.

Looking forward to have a conversation with you very soon to make that unique tea for you!

Take care!

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix


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Pure Australian Tea – 100% Made in Australia

Pure Australian Tea

We source out most tea from other countries, but we do have some tea that are 100% from our beloved Australia.

And if you are a restaurant, a cafe or a tea business that would love to add pure Australian tea to your tea line, or would love to support local tea producers in Australia, you would be glad to know what these teas are.

Lemon Myrtle (organic and caffeine-free)

  • a refreshing lemony herbal tea
  • pleasantly softer-tasting and less acidic than lemon
  • grown in strict pesticide-free region in the New South Wales

Aussie Green (one of our best tasting)

  • an energising fresh green tea either iced or hot
  • compliments any meal and cleanses palate making one enjoy food even more
  • processed just like Japanese green tea Sencha but made in Victoria region

Daintree Tea (famous)

  • a well-loved low tannin levels black tea because of its medium strength
  • fantastic to serve for your Afternoon Tea or High Tea Set Special
  • from North Queensland

Carob Tea (highly beneficial)

  • a wellness tea sought out for its properties (fights osteoporosis, cancer, asthma, digestive problems, high blood pressure and more)
  • Read this to know more “12 Benefits of Carob
  • from South Australia

Remember, you can get all these teas at wholesale price when you sign up for wholesale membership.

To apply for membership, click here.


Video: Australian Tea and Herbs for Your Tea Business

Exotic Teas and Herbs

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Creativi-tea and Profitabili-tea!

Sell Tea profitably

Creativity is how you become profitable!

The sad truth is we all compromise on quality, some more often than others.


But to operate a profitable business, profit is a must! To generate substainable profit, you have to find your unique selling point.

Recently I heard a marketing guru went to a garden show and he was ready to buy a spa pool, but after visiting 8 booths, he was sent home with a bunch of brochures. He “whited out” all the logos and company names from these materials, and found essentially they were all the same, without a unique selling point!


So park that prohibition about creativity is about drawing pretty stuff. Start thinking, how can I make my offer unique, so I don’t compete on price?

Some ideas to make you stand out:

  • Custom Packaging
    your brand, so you are not competing on selling the same box of Lipton tea in the supermarket
  • interesting product names –
    so English Breakfast maybe called “Wake Up Call” and Chai Marsala maybe called “Hello Bollywood” to inject some soul / personality into your brand. It’s a bit like some say “how are you”, and others say “What’s up”
  • Custom blends
    why just stock whatever everyone else stock? You can improve on standard English Breakfast, you can add flowers to a standard flavoured tea to add a dash of colour. For example, we have improved French Earl Grey but adding a bit of Jasmine green tea to the mix so it is a little lighter and more floral. It’s called Symphony (photo above), as in a harmonious blend of green and black tea with botanicals.

Ask yourself: why would someone buy it from you? Convenience? Price? Range? Service and product knowledge?

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Custom Tea Blends

Sell Tea profitably

Why sell what everyone else sells? Create your own custom tea blends to lock in the customer loyalty and increase repeat orders.

Don’t engage in the price war. It is ugly and you can’t lower your price of a good tea down to the same level a supermarket can.

If you are into selling niche tea, because you appreciate quality, then STOP! DON’T sell English Breakfast just because it is popular. Even if you cannot divorce from selling English Breakfast, find a unique English Breakfast. Or improve on standard English Breakfast, you can add flowers to a standard flavoured tea to add a dash of colour.

For example, our Captain’s Breakfast – the improved Breakfast tea. It has more colour and strength and a more interesting story as it is mixed from a few different black tea from around the world.



Create YOUR unique tea blend.

YOUR tea blend = YOUR Profit!



We offer friendly advice. The minimum order quantity will depend on the recipe complexity, and it can be as little as 2kg.

This is how it works with custom blend:

  1. you supply us your recipe – with each ingredient and their %
  2. we will charge $50 (per blend) to create a sample of your blend for your evaluation. We can make minor changes to the recipe after that if required.*Standard timeframe for creating sample: 1 week
  3. if you are happy with the sample, we provide quote for the blend and any packaging required.
  4. we go ahead with the production after payment received
    (if you decide not to go ahead with production, the $50 paid is not refundable)

Once the recipe is finalised, we can provide minimum order quantity, along with your quote with lead time.

Turnaround time is typically somewhere around 2-3 weeks, pending on if any packaging is required (we can supply the custom tea blend in custom packaging)

Please note it will be your responsibility to obtain any health claims with any governing bodies if needed for your products.

We are thrilled that you have taken the step towards creating your own tea brand (and blend) and look forward to working with you to take your tea sales to the next level!