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DIY kills Your Tea Biz

This is the usual suspect to your new tea biz failure.

Yet, to most startup tea businesses, this is totally undetectable.

I was there. Green as a lushy leaf, thinking of saving myself some money.


This is a killer.

Don’t believe me?

So you know how you work day and night to “make your business work”?

You want to do it yourself, like packing the tea yourself instead of getting private label tea experts to do it for you, or work out how to sell, instead of learning from sales experts.

Yes, learn the skill, save money, or just want to get it done.

Truth is, we all DIY to some degree.

Yes you, and me!

But learning a new skill is good, right?


Not every skill is WORTH YOUR TIME to learn.

Check out this video – I talked about how to figure out what to learn and what not to INVEST your time in learning or doing. This will not only save you time and money, but also the likely death of your business, now or further down the track!





So if you want palm off tea packing, chat with us today.

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Facebook Marketing for You Tea

dango control panel

I don’t know about you, but social media marketing for my tea business is my constant-screaming-crying-baby.

Facebook is my #1 social media pain.

It is time consuming and has not provided a lot of commercial gain for me.

I tried facebook tea posts, promoted posts, cute picture posts, facebook advertising, facebook photo competitions, facebook giveaway tea samples, but nothing beat this new found love of mine.

It has shortened my facebook time by at least 50%. And that is just the beginning.

It is this tool that pushes me to write you this post about Facebook marketing for tea sellers.

Along with tool #2, you will create more effective Facebook marketing with more joy and ease!

So let me introduce you to Dango, my new best friend in Facebook.

Dango is an app to create Facebook giveaway in record time. First time I used it, I gave myself 30 min to finish the campaign from zero to launch.

And, guess what I did just that. Without pain!

Dango has a clean and simple interface, so it is very easy to use. It is not designed to go elaborate on your campaign design. It does the job simply, quickly and nicely.

In a way, Dango trains me not to be a perfectionist. Too many of us monkey with the artwork for far too long, and put too much time on design.

Dango only gives you the essentials to create a good campaign.

The REALLY good thing about Dango is their support. I have nothing but positive words about them. They don’t just help on using the app, but also how to create effective campaign.

They now provide Do-for-You service. All you need is give them the artwork and the blurb, and they can put the campaign together for you.

You put the campaign link in your promos and emails, and it will collect email addresses and other info you require for you.

All of that for a princely sum of $27.95 NZ!

(This offer may not last: if your campaign collects any less than 100 subscribers then their membership fees will be refunded)

Dango is a must-try if you want to do Facebook marketing more effectively. 

dango control panel


So you have collected a bunch of emails, of course you want to continue to interact with these new leads.

Besides emailing them, Facebook should be the place you continue to nurture them, but we all know Facebook is a black-hole that sucks time.

So here come tool #2 –

Likealyzer provides short and snappy insights to your Facebook page performance. You get a quick performance report and suggestions on what to improve.

No guess work. How good is that for your social media effort? 😉

As you can see in the pic below, I have loads to do with my team on our page since we only just pass!


Hope you like these tools.

If you use them, I would love to have your comments below to let us know how it goes for you.

Happy Facebooking!


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Promoting Chinese Tea For Your Business

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, we have come up with a few ideas in promoting Chinese tea like your Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong, Puerh, White Tea, Fruit Tea or Herbal Tea in your shop.

Make your customers check out your Chinese tea range maybe in a lucky dip with red pockets in a bowl.

There are a lot of ways you can market your tea this Chinese New Year in your shop.

Have fun. Be creative!

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Tea Business Survival Guide 1 – Double Your Sales

For your tea business to survive, or even better, thrive, you need to double your sales!

Did I hear a resounding “Yuk”?

I know, doubling sales sounds soooo…salesy.

You create the tea business for the love of tea. You don’t want to become tea pusher.


Your tea business needs revenue. No revenue, no lovely tea in. Shop close.

We have seen this again and again. People go into tea business for the love of tea, but cannot bare the thought of “selling tea”.


No need to twist anyone’s arms to sell more! Selling is a matching making process!


  1. know thyself – your UNIQUE selling point is key to your tea business survival. After all it is far easier to hop over to supermarket and pay less for tea.
    Eg. David loves all things Japanese. So his tea shop specialises in Japanese tea.
  2. marketing – even if you know why you create this business, you have to communicate well. Marketing is the message and method of communicating the message to the world which doesn’t know you or know you well. This is the way you get more fresh eyeballs into your shop, online or offline.
    Eg. Create marketing / ads to tell others who loves Japanese culture to come to his shop for a piece of Japan.
  3. use 2 ears first – we are born with 2 ears and 1 mouth and they should be used in this ratio. Listen to your customers. Did they say they need a light or strong green tea?
    Eg. Ask more about the customer – use open ended questions more than close, in the ration of about 3 to 1. What, How, Why, When more than Is, Does.
  4. paraphrase – we all want to make sure we are heard. So after you gain the info above, build rapport by repeating it back to their customers.
    This helps them to know you hear them and you care enough to double check you have got it right.
    Trust is a foundation block to doubling your sale.
    Eg. “Ok, so you are saying you like light green tea, right? How about bancha – it is a nice light green tea? “
  5. upsize – focus on doubling the pack size to purchase is a matter of convenience. Sell the convenience, sell the ease – go along the line of emotional gain. Promote how it feels to get a bigger pack.
    Talk about money saved if there is a big discount. Otherwise, forget it. People are no longer turned on by small shavings of price.
    Eg. “This 1kg pack is great for you. This year’s bancha is a good harvest. I love this as the morning freshener tea.”
  6. cross-sale – x-sale is useful to double the sale. If one buys loose leaf tea, do they have a strainer or teapot to make it? I am surprised SO MANY tea business sells tea and not sell any teaware whatsoever. Make your customers’ life easy, and they will come back to you.
    Eg. “Just curious, what do you use to make your leaf tea?”

Doubling your tea sales is about connect to build trust, then communicate your unique selling point. Master this, and double your tea sales or business will come naturally.



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No company name yet? Start your tea business anyway

What is the first step to starting a new tea business? A company name or brand? Website?

I was talking to Mel recently. She signed up for wholesale membership, getting ready to start her new tea business online.

“But I haven’t got a company name.” she started telling me on the phone.

“I feel naked – I don’t know what tea to select. I have no brand. I need that sorted first, then the logo designed. Then I can start thinking what tea to sell.”

Are you feeling a bit like Mel, excited to get started with your tea biz, but have no company name yet?

Fear not, come check out this video to find out why it is BETTER not to start with creating a company name.

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Best time to start a new tea business

Marriage, kids and giving birth to a new business, what’s common thing about this?

If you ask me when is the right time to go and start a new business? Or it’s a matter of too big…? too small…? As it grows too much, does it become competitive? All that sort of stuff…

I would say that is exactly the common thing about these three things.

Let me share a couple of stories with you.

The first one, one time, I was talking to my sister, which was ages ago, she had a beauty salon business and often she does make up brides.

I was talking to her Chinese saying this year is not supposed to be a year for marriages and stuff like that.

And I said, look it doesn’t matter whether it is the right time or not, people still get married.

The fact is that world doesn’t stop just because it’s not supposed to be a good year for marriage people get married.

The second one is when I was talking to my husband about when to have kids.

We started a business a few years before that and we said to ourselves, “OK, when the business starts to have some sort of a firm holding and then we’re going to have kids.”

But one day he just said to me, “You know what? There’s never going to be a perfect time.”

We just have to say this is the time and this is what we going to do.

So, we follow that and few years on the journey, we have two little bundles of joy and the third one of course is our tea business.

We’re talking to a lot of new business owners and we hear stories.

Some people say this is the perfect time to get into tea and also it’s a pretty competitive market in there.

But what if there’s nothing like that in the market and you’re the first one.

You’re going to be working really hard and you have to be very creative because you need to find a way to translate this new idea, this new product into something that is sort of similar out there and you need to educate people why your new thing is better.

Or if you have something that is very common, that everybody is using, in that case the market is going to be pretty competitive but it doesn’t mean you have no room to maneuver and rocket to success.

“When to start your tea business –
It’s less about when you’re going to start it and more about where your intention / mission is.”

Some of our customers tell us that yes we’re going to start our tea business but this is actually something more of enjoying the tea and they are going to sell some.

They know that this is not going to be their full time business. In fact, some people do it more like a retirement thing.

So I hope this gives you a bit of clarity. You don’t have take over the tea world, if you don’t want to 😉

There would be some who says that this is going to be my bread and butter, I’m going to make an impact, I’m going to learn the ropes and I’m going to make my tea business really successful.

Everybody has different kind of end goal and you have to decide what that is.

At the end of the day, your business is a product / reflection of your mentality.

If you think that I’m going to make it work no matter what, that is what the product is going to become, what the business that is going to become.

If you’re doing it kind of oddly, it is going to come out odd as well and that’s what is going to show.

So I hope this is something useful for you especially if you’re looking to start a new business or your business is still quite new.

It’s important to have a conversation to yourself and really have to think how you can make this business work to achieve whatever that goal you might have.

If you have a strong “why”, the “how” will come, regardless of the market condition.

And don’t worry too much if it’s competitive or not, don’t let that hinder your decision.

Just go for it, give it a go and see where it takes you.
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