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Keep the momentum

bruce lee quote think too much

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, I am sure you agree he is very successful in what he does.

One key principal contributing to his success, as he mentioned in his book “Think Big and Kick Ass” is “try to keep the momentum in business”.

This principal is applicable to businesses big and small – building business, tea business, any business!

Without momentum, it’s like driving in a car always in 1st gear – it’s painful.

That’s why after our Tea Business Clarity session, it is PARAMOUNT that you keep going and make sure you get the right help to turn clarity into actions.

A decision without action is not a true decision.

Make your next move now – don’t drop the ball because of fear, or some other “inconveniences”.

To recap, the Tea Business Clarity session, we achieve

  • clarify your goals and aspirations
  • clarify your difficulties and what could resolve them
  • clarify your current resources whether it is man-power, resources, network and your experiences and
  • clarify what to do to line up all of the above to bring in the rewards YOU desire.

Next step is the Strategy Call – creating a roadmap with you to bring you closer to your tea business success. Tailor to your exact needs, topics we usually cover would be:

  • your core story
  • marketing
  • staff
  • supplies
  • sales / pricing
  • logistics
  • mindset

There is NEVER the perfect time to start a business. Start before you are ready.

Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Keep going, your success depends on your momentum 🙂

(must complete the free Tea Business Clarity Session first)

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Warning:  I Use a 4 Letter Word

exclaimation marks

If you have delicate sensibilities or are easily offended, you might want to sit down. I’m about to use a four-letter word that business owners seldom want to utter:


I’m not talking about the national debt, or the debt ceiling, or the debt of gratitude that I owe many people in my life.

And I’m not talking about running up your credit cards to the max buying frivolous “stuff.”

Instead, believe it or not, there can be extremely positive reasons for creating some personal debt.

First, you must understand that most businesses start off by obtaining a loan of some sort. It may be a traditional small business loan from a bank, a loan from investors or family, a Home Equity Line of Credit, or a bunch of your own low interest credit cards.


That’s DEBT.

Unfortunately though, many of us were told that “getting into debt” was the road to financial ruin.

Instead of being taught how to creatively manage good debt, we were taught to avoid it at all costs! (I know because I was one of those people – sorry dad!)

And so if we do borrow money to start our business, we may be secretly harboring feels of guilt or impending doom. I know that I used to feel this way!

And yet most of us have no problem borrowing 100s of thousands of dollars to finance a house! (PSST – that’s DEBT!)  

The trick is that the money you spend on growing your business – whether it’s paying for mentoring, or a training course, or hiring part-time VA help – must be treated as an investment in you and your business success. And you must put in the effort to make sure that the investment pays off in such a way that it covers your initial debt and brings in exponentially more.  

You need to at the possible “return on investment” for your loan. If you are paying for education or for growing your business, those things can have a huge ROI potential – and can bring you exponentially more money than you initially had to borrow (or invest). So it’s not whether you have debt, it’s how you handle it that makes all the difference.

The first thing you want to explore is your mindset about the debt you might already have or that you are considering incurring. Beating yourself up about being in debt or needing financing for your business is unproductive and harmful. So let it go. Put your focus on moving forward in a positive and informed way.

By the same token, you can’t ignore your debt and just hope it goes away on its own. In order to have integrity in your life and your business, you must make good on the obligations you have agreed to.

You can’t expect your own money karma to be good if you default on paying others what they are owed.

The first time we invested 5 figures in hiring a coach, I nearly had a heart attack. We did not have that kind of money lying around. Nor did we have the cash flow to easily afford it.

But we bit the bullet, borrowed some money, and made a commitment to make the investment pay off no matter what.

Well, not only did our new incoming revenue pay for that initial coaching in less than 6 months, it was from that beginning that we have been able to grow into a multi-six-figure business!

This article is written by:  Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that reflects their priorities. Download Barb’s “Word-for-Word Scripts To Overcome Objections” and book more high-paying clients now at
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Great tea business success habit

success habit to rock your business

Super-charge your business

If you have a chance to talk to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, what would you ask him/her?

Last Saturday I had this chance. John Assaraf was inspiring. He refreshed and clarified my vision, goals and actions!

In this audio news, I want to do something really special for you to help you to rock your tea sales.

Listen to the end of this audio news (transcript will be ready soon on the same link) to find out about this free offer – it only requires you to shoot us a simple email to get it, and your wish will be my command 😉

In this news:

  • a success habit is so key to building your tea business, even if you only have 1 hour a week
  • new news system and making staying in touch with you easier, so we can tailor make better products for YOU
  • free info sheet offer that you can give away to your customers – use it to create a relationship with your prospects and customers – listen to find out how to get it.
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Grow your mindset = grow your business

disabled man free

Whether you just started your tea business venture or a seasoned tea seller, you know without growth, your business is heading to the grave.

Now I need to clarify this: growth = progress. We are not saying you have to supercharge your business and turn it into a million-dollar empire (if you don’t want to). The growth referred to is progress in your business, from having 1 order a day to 5, or to give you the extent of satisfaction or freedom in life that you intend to create, using the business as a vehicle to get you there.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a book I love – Carol Dweck’s Mindset.

Her book has reinforced my learning of my capability is expandable before WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW. My capability is NOT predefined – through persistency, learning and effort, I can become the ME that I choose to.

Carol Dweck’s definition of fixed and growth mindsets from a 2012 interview:

“In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb.

In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

Here is Carol Dweck’s Mindset in audio book form – this is my preferred way of learning – in bite size while I am starting the day – making breakfast and listening to something to set the mind towards positivity and achievement 😉

(you can find her book in hard copy form, also some youtube videos)


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Can you cafe get away with bad tea?

is your cafe serving leaf tea

Australians weren’t seasoned coffee drinkers 20 years ago. Filtered coffee served in cafes would not cause any revolt.

It has changed, tremendously.

And no different for tea.

It’s just Australian tea market is still quite new, and most are still tolerating bad tea.

Well, we tea drinkers don’t have much of a choice in cafes and restaurants – bad tea or a glass of water – ok, a glass of water please.

So as a cafe owner, what would you choose?

Being indifferent to the increasing tea drinking market and serve sorry looking tea bags?

Or take time and care to select equally good quality leaf tea, just like your good coffee and food.

Listen to this recording and decide what’s best for your business.

Your profits – your choice.