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Expert in Your Field – Ask Brendon Burchard


“If you know something that can help someone out there, isn’t it “Your call” to help that person, to offer this help no matter how big or small?”

I went to National Achievers Congress today and was all buzzed, and itching to share some really great stuff with all of you biz people out there.

Brendon Burchard is one of them that offered refreshing, thought provoking advice today, like the one above. It is not about blowing your own horn, it is about this humbling experience that you have a gift that you can offer someone, in the way of helping someone.

He mentioned we are now in the information age and CONTENT is now king, so being the expert in your field will build you profit and you can be the person helping somebody with your “expert advice”?

Enough from me, listen to the man in this video.

Brendon is the founder of Experts Academy and the #1 New York Times bestselling author “The Millionaire Messenger.”

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Creativi-tea and Profitabili-tea!

Sell Tea profitably

Creativity is how you become profitable!

The sad truth is we all compromise on quality, some more often than others.


But to operate a profitable business, profit is a must! To generate substainable profit, you have to find your unique selling point.

Recently I heard a marketing guru went to a garden show and he was ready to buy a spa pool, but after visiting 8 booths, he was sent home with a bunch of brochures. He “whited out” all the logos and company names from these materials, and found essentially they were all the same, without a unique selling point!


So park that prohibition about creativity is about drawing pretty stuff. Start thinking, how can I make my offer unique, so I don’t compete on price?

Some ideas to make you stand out:

  • Custom Packaging
    your brand, so you are not competing on selling the same box of Lipton tea in the supermarket
  • interesting product names –
    so English Breakfast maybe called “Wake Up Call” and Chai Marsala maybe called “Hello Bollywood” to inject some soul / personality into your brand. It’s a bit like some say “how are you”, and others say “What’s up”
  • Custom blends
    why just stock whatever everyone else stock? You can improve on standard English Breakfast, you can add flowers to a standard flavoured tea to add a dash of colour. For example, we have improved French Earl Grey but adding a bit of Jasmine green tea to the mix so it is a little lighter and more floral. It’s called Symphony (photo above), as in a harmonious blend of green and black tea with botanicals.

Ask yourself: why would someone buy it from you? Convenience? Price? Range? Service and product knowledge?

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Attract More Young Customers?

I must admit I am getting old when I talk to folks in their mid 20’s. They seem to come from outer space where putting their entire life story online is perfectly normal.

Hey, I am a spring chicken myself but I must admit I am beat, when it comes to talking to them. So how to attract more young customers? Some marketing experts say, “Just market them as like market to anyone else. Go where they hang out, and start a conversation (ideally of something of their interest…).

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Work Smarter in 2013?

Smarter in 2013main

Well, 2012 is coming to a close…has it been as rewarding as you have hoped?

We at are always big on learning. Learning about tea, learning about business, learning about life and happiness. Life is fun when you are curious and ready to learn 😉

So we continue to learn more about our customers. As coming to the beginning of the year, we are often approached by new businesses, which are interested in getting into tea.

The tea market is certainly expanding and so as the competition. Just like every business, it is your UNIQUE selling point that makes people become your loyal customers.

With that in mind, we often suggest customers to think about HOW they can package their tea so it becomes THEIR tea that their customers are buying. This is very important – your customers goes back to you for repeat purchase and questions, not us.

To that end, here are a few online tools for your considerations, to make your brand sing, and your business more automated, so you can work smarter, and a happier life!

99design – need a logo? Set a brief and budget, and let designers put forward their designs for you to choose. A real game-changer to the design industry. Many large companies here and aboard uses 99designs for their logo, or any other graphic design needs.

gmailGmail – emails in 3 laptops and 2 mobiles and all over the place? Yep, we were there. Using gmail, you can check and reply emails sent to your from gmail, as well as checking your personal emails all in one place. If your staff and you both read and respond any emails coming to, then both of you can using the same IMAP gmail set up and so you both are looking at the same set of emails and responses. Much easier than bcc each other. This is great.

dropboxDropbox – files between work and home computers, and not in sync. Check out dropbox, one version, 2 PCs. Yes! No need to fuss about syncing anymore!

There you have it, a few tools to iron out some inefficiencies in work and let’s have a blast in 2013.

Drink Tea, and be happy!
Smarter in 2013main