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Your Questions Answered

In the above video: So, it has been 12 weeks, how have you been in term of absorbing all these information about tea?
To answer some of your questions, we have prepared this short video for the final installment of our educational video series for tea.

Q: Why should I learn tea?

To be a successful tea seller, you do need to learn a lot of information in order to help people understand what they are buying.
Not that you are going to bombard them with technical information but if you explain some of these things more in-depth, people of would go, “Oh, she or he really knows that stuff”.

Q: How to brew tea leaf?

Since we are getting questions from some of you regarding our last 12 videos, like how to brew leaf tea, well we are going to answer them for you.
Some of our customers say, “I have been thinking about these tea bags but when you say leaf tea, how do you make it then?”

We are actually planning to start another series soon, tea video guides, which will tackle lighter topics such as how to brew leaf tea and deeper ones like how to sell more tea.

Going back to the question, with leaf tea you can start by having a nice simple infuser, pop it in to the cup then put your tea leaves in with hot water. Pretty simple!

There is no requirement to really go full blown with tea pot, tea ritual and other traditional practices.

Q: How to sell more tea?

Let’s talk about selling more tea, shall we. You might be asking, “Should I go for tins?” or “Should I go for a packet of tea”.
What about labels? Should I go for something simple or fancy ones?

So, there are actually a lot of considerations that needs to be addressed when it comes to profitability in relation to how you will present your brand.

Q: What tea should I sell?

Some of our customers are also asking us about what teas should they sell, since has around 150 different kinds of teas.
To answer your question, it really boils down to representing your brand.

What represent you!

For us, we sell 150 because we are getting out teas from all around the world and we are here to supply with different business and industry as well as individuals.

But each one might be representing a different message that is targeted and straight forward.

Q: How to create my private label tea?

Now let’s talk about Private Label Tea.

Private label tea or custom packing or custom tea mix is something that is definitely all at rage at the moment.

If you really want to capture your customer, to make sure that you get that repeat sell, custom packing or private label tea is one of the ways to get ahead of the race in tea manufacturing or in tea selling.

What you need to do is to really ROCK IT!, with you brand or with your message, making it different.

So the next tea series is going to have 12 videos and will be discussing different topics like the ones that I just lightly talked about. (How to brew leaf tea? How to sell more tea? What tea to sell? How to create private label tea?)

I am going to bring in a couple of fun topics as well especially for all the foodies out there, like tea in the kitchen or how to cook with tea or how to use tea in food pairing.

Q: How to get to the next video series?

We are looking forward for you to join us very soon for our next tea video series!

If you have not left us a COMMENT, TESTIMONIAL or SUGGESTION for this series as well as our product and services, please go ahead and do that, there is a link on this email that will bring you to that page.

We are so looking forward in to getting your feedback because the more you tell us, the more we can stay relevant for you.

Don’t be shy… 🙂 Feel free… We are big girls and boys… We can take it… 🙂

So, if there is something that you wanted to share, or something that is really bothering you, please let us know. Otherwise, we will never know how we can improve it and be able to help you.

Catch you very soon with more juicy bits on tea!