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So, tell me what you want?

In the above video: Hello… So, tell us what you want! What you really really want…

This is Salina from Empiro and

You sign up with us for a wholesale membership some time ago and we also have been sending you newsletters and we have not heard back from you for ages.

How have you been doing?

We are wondering if you have changed your business goals or you have looked into our stuff and realised that it is not clicking with that you are looking for.

Either way, we really want to get some feedback from you.

Right now we are doing some sort of spring cleaning and if we don’t hear from you we will assume that we are not the right match and we will be deleting your membership as well as your subscription to our newsletter.

However, if you are still interested in quality leaf tea, we are definitely the people to talk to.

We don’t do tea bags and we also suggest to our wholesale customers to steer clear of the same because tea bags are mass produced and in order for you to fight that game, you need to produce zillions of it.

If you are in leaf tea, on the other hand, in a niche market, you have an advantage playing your own mini monopoly and you can give value, quality and customer service to the people that you care to share and serve.

That will definitely bring a tremendous amount of profits for you and also for us.

It is about finding that special things you love and do it really well.

There is no point in fighting the tea bag game; supermarkets are selling it a few cents a bag, so why do you want to do that?

Again, if you are still interested in leaf tea, please do reply to this email to let us know that you want us to keep your membership and we will be more than happy to help you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We have this new system in place that allows us to really understand the customers, so you could actually spend some time with me and just pick my brain on how to choose your tea range and how to make it click with your existing business or your business goals.

We are also doing private label tea and we strongly suggest that if you want to create that mini monopoly then brand your tea.

This is to relay a message to your customers that they can’t get the tea from anywhere else, only you, like saying, “come to us, we got the good stuff!”

There you have it, again please let us know how we are going to proceed with your membership.

For questions, feel free to use the contact us form on

We are looking forward into having a conversation with you to help you in sourcing quality leaf tea.