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Chocolaty Chocolate Tea

Most population in this entire Universe LOVE chocolate.
Chocolate has the power to swoon and in recent years, the power to power up, and could be even good for you.
So selling chocolate tea is sort of a no brainer 😉
You will see people will get drawn to try tea with cocoa nibs in it because it sounds close to home or similar to something they know they already like.
Of course chocolate has not been associated with tea as much as coffee, but if you could open your mind, and your customers, you can see it can provide a rich sensory experience.  You have to taste it to believe it!
Important thing about buying or selling chocolate tea is that chocolate tea is NOT chocolate.  It doesn’t have the cream / fat content to make it rich.  So you either have to add milk to give it back that silky touch, or see it more like a cacao drink.
Either way you will find your tea business just hit another level of culinary expression when you sell chocolate teas.
Let us give you some examples of Chocoholic teas:

Cocoa Haven

Cocoa Haven –

Rated best chocolate tea in Australia! Yes this is the Chocolate tea you’ve been waiting for.


Choc Spice

Choc Spice –

Pampering and spicy, this Choc Spice black tea is going to get you fire up this winter, inside and out.


Chocolate Lapacho

Chocolate Lapacho –

Lapacho is regarded as the “heal all” herbs by some ancient South American tribes.

This chocolate flavoured lapacho makes it all the more fun to maintain your wellbeing.



Daydream –

A tasty indulgent mix of rose natural dark chocolate flavour and star anise with black tea.
Daydream is a great cup to relax with and drift away… popular.



Samba –

This tangy blend also features cacao pieces make this choc-berry blend super tasty – chill it for a great summer drink.

Special ingredient in this mix is the Acai (ah-sign-ee) which comes from the Amazonian Basin. Grown substainably, Acai is a great food for energy, with low GI and caffeine free.



Tahiti –

Tahiti is the drinkable Lamington! The ultimate and timeless pair Coconut and Chocolate gives you the aromatic delight that is hard to resist. The Tahiti black tea blend will take you to tropical escape – best enjoyed sitting in your favourite couch!

Exotic Teas and Herbs

These chocolate teas are all available in the “Tea for Chocoholics” portion of

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