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Choosing the right teapot matters…

Is it really that important to choose the right teapot?

If you are really a tea lover and serious about your passion with tea… then… YES!

This is not a necessity but teapots are not just accessories but they are a part of the long history and culture of tea drinking. If you are passionate about your tea, you will need the perfect teapot to go with it.

Is this something that you want?

In the above video: Choosing the right tea pot is not certainly something that everyone thinks about a lot.

There are even people saying that they can go for a mug or something.

Often customer would ask about what kind of tea pot to go with a sort of tea?

Now there is no real hard and fast rule, the most neutral medium or material that you can use as tea pot would be glass. They do come in different sizes and shapes.

There is actually no written rule about tea pots; the most neutral material that you can use is a glass tea pot because they come in different sizes and shapes.

If you’re brewing loose leaf tea and you wanted to flaunt the good quality tea, glass is essentially the best option for you.

Also there are ceramic types that come in different types of grade.

Like this bounty pot that we got here, made with an infuser inside so you don’t need to go around straining the tea and mix it very easy.

relax and learn about teaThis is made with strengthen white clay, a hotel grade type of pottery and actually stronger and quite heavy compared to the other similar sized and shaped tea pots out there.

The thing that I don’t like with ceramics is purely because of laziness. Cleaning makes it harder compared to glasses because the tea stains in it.

A couple of other ones are like this which is made of purple clay from Yixing China, they are typically small and this one is the typical size, maybe around 150ml or less.

Small teapots are usually used to drain all the liquid out in a cup in one go. Even though your tea leaves are staying inside they are not continuously brewed.

They are unglazed and what happens is that it usually absorbs the taste of the tea.

This is why some of our fellow tea drinkers will say that it’s a poor pot.

The other one is my strong Oolong pot. This particular type of teapot, after a long time of usage with the same tea, will absorb that fragrance that even putting plain water inside would become quite tasty and nice.

This is something worth considering if you’re looking to brew Pu-erh or Oolong.

Another that I would like to introduce is the Tetsubin or Cast Iron tea pots, from the old days the inside is just cast iron but nowadays, for hygiene sake, it is glazed.

It’s essentially like a normal enamel cook ware, pretty safe and looks like robust but we don’t recommend it to be put on a stove.

We also got infuser made especially for our cast iron tea pot, so tea pots that you buy from us would have some kind of special filtering system fit into it to make it a lot simpler.

This is Arm and Nail tea pot and it is one of the smaller ones but we also got some big ones as well.

What tea is good to go in it?

It can be used for any tea that you want to keep warm longer especially during winter times because it retains that warm temperature of the tea.

For me the look of it reminds me of that unique Japanese style so I usually used it for Japanese Green tea but I don’t see a problem if you want to use if for some other teas. It really depends on your personal preferences.

There are some people that talks about different shapes and sizes and for different kinds of leaves but then again that is going to be on the technical side of it that we can deal with on another video.

Keemun RedFor this video, I just really want to introduce you to the materials like the glass (if you have it, flaunt it!), the ceramic, and then purple clay that is unglazed, typically good for Pu-erh and Oolong.

Then the last one is what we call the Tetsubin tea pot.

Tetsubin Cast Iron teapots are glazed so it is pretty good for most things.

I would probably steer away from milky products with ion, it’s just my preference because I kind of feel that it serves better with a more standard type of tea.

So there you have it, a little about choosing your tea pot.

The last thing I want to tell you is the size; think about who you are serving.

If you’re making it only for you then you can just use a smaller size teapot, like this one, about 300ml is more than plenty because a mug is only 200ml full.

Now if you’re making it for you and your partner then maybe 300ml is pretty good or if you often make it for four people then of course you get a larger one.

But if it’s just you, don’t be silly and buy a gigantic enormous tea pot because you’re going to have washed out tea as well tea that you will not be able to finish drinking and will be just a waste.

So think about the tea pot sizes well and the material before actually purchasing one.

I hope you find this interesting and useful.

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