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Create Your Private Label Tea – Range Size

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In today’s session on Private Label Tea 101 course, we talk about Range Size for your tea.

If you wonder whether you need to have a large range to “be a tea business”, or whether you can do with a few teas (even one), this training is for you.


puerh aftdinner jasgreen3In the above video: Hello, Salina from Empiro.

Thinking about having your own tea brand?

Private Label Tea is very popular at the moment.

In fact last two weeks we’ve been receiving over 20 different phone calls with people who are looking and doing it.

Some of them are very large scale looking at 20 blends and some of them are looking at small scales looking at 3 blends.

So whether you are looking at a small range or a large range, I want to, in these 3 videos, talk about some of the stuff that you may want to have a think about while putting together your own brand of tea.

The first one is just what I touched on and that is the range.

Now, some people’s going to feel that “oh goodness, If I am being a tea specialist I have to sell a lot of different kinds of tea”.

The fact is no, that is not necessary, it’s really actually come down how to you market at them.

If you look at other successful businesses out there, they’re not necessarily selling a lot of different things.

EmGarden Relax Pearls Leaf6What is important is that the message is conveyed clearly through your products.

So let’s just imagine that you love baking, and you are sort of a recipe hog, so you’ve got a lot of recipes you’ve tried a lot of recipe for you know making a chocolate brownie and your strawberry tart and what not.

So you’ve got a lot of those and you love tea. The next thing you consider doing is actually marketing your tea using those recipes that you already know and love.

That way, you have the passion when talking about those products.

So for example, let’s just say you’ve got your 10 bestest, bestest chocolate recipes, your chocolate brownie, your chocolate cookies, your chocolate lava cake and so on.

Then you can go ok, what are those go well with in terms of tea range.

And then in that case it can be a Ceylon classic OP, orange pekoe tea, that’s just really enhancing the taste without actually sweetening it.

The other option could be, say a mint a tea that refresh after you all have that whole massive intake of chocolate, or maybe a chocolate tea, like Cocoa Haven.

So you can look at it from that angle and when you send a product out perhaps rather than just that pack of tea, send a bunch of recipe cards out and that’s your chocolate chocoholic package.

So you in that case you don’t really need to have a lot of tea in your range. You might just have 3 or 6 and just really market them in those really niche market.

EmGarden Cherish RWong3Of course if your message is sort of a tea specialist they have a big range.

You know your product calling is just those teas then you probably need to have you know have much larger range.

I mean like for us we have over a 150 types of tea from India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and so on.

So there are definitely different ways to market yourself depending on what is the story behind it.

So have a think about that while you’re thinking about whether it is a large range or small range and that becomes your story, that becomes your passion, and that becomes your private label tea.

So there you have it, a little tip on the range size.

The next one we’re going to talk about the packaging for you private label.

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