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Custom Tea Blends

Sell Tea profitably

Why sell what everyone else sells? Create your own custom tea blends to lock in the customer loyalty and increase repeat orders.

Don’t engage in the price war. It is ugly and you can’t lower your price of a good tea down to the same level a supermarket can.

If you are into selling niche tea, because you appreciate quality, then STOP! DON’T sell English Breakfast just because it is popular. Even if you cannot divorce from selling English Breakfast, find a unique English Breakfast. Or improve on standard English Breakfast, you can add flowers to a standard flavoured tea to add a dash of colour.

For example, our Captain’s Breakfast – the improved Breakfast tea. It has more colour and strength and a more interesting story as it is mixed from a few different black tea from around the world.



Create YOUR unique tea blend.

YOUR tea blend = YOUR Profit!



We offer friendly advice. The minimum order quantity will depend on the recipe complexity, and it can be as little as 2kg.

This is how it works with custom blend:

  1. you supply us your recipe – with each ingredient and their %
  2. we will charge $50 (per blend) to create a sample of your blend for your evaluation. We can make minor changes to the recipe after that if required.*Standard timeframe for creating sample: 1 week
  3. if you are happy with the sample, we provide quote for the blend and any packaging required.
  4. we go ahead with the production after payment received
    (if you decide not to go ahead with production, the $50 paid is not refundable)

Once the recipe is finalised, we can provide minimum order quantity, along with your quote with lead time.

Turnaround time is typically somewhere around 2-3 weeks, pending on if any packaging is required (we can supply the custom tea blend in custom packaging)

Please note it will be your responsibility to obtain any health claims with any governing bodies if needed for your products.

We are thrilled that you have taken the step towards creating your own tea brand (and blend) and look forward to working with you to take your tea sales to the next level!

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