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DIY kills Your Tea Biz

This is the usual suspect to your new tea biz failure.

Yet, to most startup tea businesses, this is totally undetectable.

I was there. Green as a lushy leaf, thinking of saving myself some money.


This is a killer.

Don’t believe me?

So you know how you work day and night to “make your business work”?

You want to do it yourself, like packing the tea yourself instead of getting private label tea experts to do it for you, or work out how to sell, instead of learning from sales experts.

Yes, learn the skill, save money, or just want to get it done.

Truth is, we all DIY to some degree.

Yes you, and me!

But learning a new skill is good, right?


Not every skill is WORTH YOUR TIME to learn.

Check out this video – I talked about how to figure out what to learn and what not to INVEST your time in learning or doing. This will not only save you time and money, but also the likely death of your business, now or further down the track!





So if you want palm off tea packing, chat with us today.

2 thoughts on “DIY kills Your Tea Biz

  1. Kia Ora from New Zealand Aotearoa ! Ive been so inspired by your wonderful education on You Tube and quite frankly brilliant free encoiraging and down to earth advice so Thank you! I have a community based business and Church that has a cool retro second hand component combined with a soon to open co-working space for start up businesses. We have a barista machine and a local roaster BUT the missing ingredient is TEA gloriois tea ! We have a niche market which probably doesnt sound exciting to your company as we are super boutique and small reputation but it is SOLID and has loyal followers the commonality is we see people with anxiety, depression, stress, addictions and over weight issues and would LOVE to offer a range of tea that can bring a quakity experience to others, to soothe their minds and allow them to soak in the moment as opposed to masking the realness of life etc.

    So…big ask im sure but we are keen to have an involvement with your wonderful company, we want ti start small but do it right with professional labels / look and feel our customers /clients cone from all walks of life and we believe despite life circumstance or budget we want everyone to feel respected and blessed when they take time to hang out with us and share a pot of tea.

    Our values are; community connectedness and caring

    Could you please let us know where to begin to becine a part of your wonderful tea Community thanks Karen and Dave Below

    1. Hi Karen and Dave
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us! I love to help you to create a bespoke tea range! Hop over to our ecommerce site and sign up for wholesale membership to get started 🙂
      We wholesale tea as well as offer tea biz coaching, to help committed tea sellers to sell tea in your style, profitably. Looking forward to seeing you in soon!

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