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Trade: Dropship

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Want to present a large range of tea without the hassle and risk of holding lots of stock?


Introducing dropship service – Tea Valet.






How it works:

1. You apply for Tea Valet membership (no obligation)
2. You present your customers our range, in retail sizes and your price.
3. You take an order down, log in with your dropship membership and place order as normal.
4. At the checkout, put in YOUR billing address, and,
5. YOUR CUSTOMER’s delivery address, and,
6. YOUR DROPSHIP MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT CODE (this depends on your trade volume)
7. Pay for order as usual (order won’t be processed till payment is cleared).

(you need to take care of your paperwork with your customers, we won’t send them anything except the order!)
1. Order will be processed after your payment.
2. We will pack with your order with your brand
3. Once order is dispatched, you will get a shipping confirmation email.
Our dropship service will allow you to price our products however you like and you pocket the difference.

Our dropship service is unique because we brand your products –
we simply want you to grow your tea business!

Update (6 Jan 2013):
As this point we are freezing the idea of Tea Valet (dropship). We have completed Phase 1 test last year with some of our dropship customers. 

We have reviewed this system and will not continue drop ship until further notice. 

Instead, we would suggest the private label tea and custom mixing services which have been more profitable for our customers and helping you to find your unique selling point is what we are about. 

7 thoughts on “Trade: Dropship

  1. I am interested in setting up a dropship relationship for tea products targeted for the United States.

    1. Hi James
      Thanks for connecting with us. We are not doing dropship currently.

  2. Hey

    Can I set up a wholesale account?

    Can you please dropship for me?


    1. Hi Michael
      Thanks for connecting with us. We are not doing dropship currently.
      You are welcome to sign up for wholesale membership to get bulk tea, private label tea packs with your brand and custom blends. To sign up, simply go to –

  3. Keep me updated on the dropship program…

    1. Sure will do, Yosaida 🙂

  4. Hi are you drop shipping now? Can you update me on your program?

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