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Facebook Marketing for You Tea

dango control panel

I don’t know about you, but social media marketing for my tea business is my constant-screaming-crying-baby.

Facebook is my #1 social media pain.

It is time consuming and has not provided a lot of commercial gain for me.

I tried facebook tea posts, promoted posts, cute picture posts, facebook advertising, facebook photo competitions, facebook giveaway tea samples, but nothing beat this new found love of mine.

It has shortened my facebook time by at least 50%. And that is just the beginning.

It is this tool that pushes me to write you this post about Facebook marketing for tea sellers.

Along with tool #2, you will create more effective Facebook marketing with more joy and ease!

So let me introduce you to Dango, my new best friend in Facebook.

Dango is an app to create Facebook giveaway in record time. First time I used it, I gave myself 30 min to finish the campaign from zero to launch.

And, guess what I did just that. Without pain!

Dango has a clean and simple interface, so it is very easy to use. It is not designed to go elaborate on your campaign design. It does the job simply, quickly and nicely.

In a way, Dango trains me not to be a perfectionist. Too many of us monkey with the artwork for far too long, and put too much time on design.

Dango only gives you the essentials to create a good campaign.

The REALLY good thing about Dango is their support. I have nothing but positive words about them. They don’t just help on using the app, but also how to create effective campaign.

They now provide Do-for-You service. All you need is give them the artwork and the blurb, and they can put the campaign together for you.

You put the campaign link in your promos and emails, and it will collect email addresses and other info you require for you.

All of that for a princely sum of $27.95 NZ!

(This offer may not last: if your campaign collects any less than 100 subscribers then their membership fees will be refunded)

Dango is a must-try if you want to do Facebook marketing more effectively. 

dango control panel


So you have collected a bunch of emails, of course you want to continue to interact with these new leads.

Besides emailing them, Facebook should be the place you continue to nurture them, but we all know Facebook is a black-hole that sucks time.

So here come tool #2 –

Likealyzer provides short and snappy insights to your Facebook page performance. You get a quick performance report and suggestions on what to improve.

No guess work. How good is that for your social media effort? 😉

As you can see in the pic below, I have loads to do with my team on our page since we only just pass!


Hope you like these tools.

If you use them, I would love to have your comments below to let us know how it goes for you.

Happy Facebooking!


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