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5 Chinese Flower Tea

Flower Tea a.k.a. floral tea blends*, are infusions that are composed of dried flowers, buds and/or petals.  These are mostly non-caffeinated and categorized as herbal because these do not contain Camelia sinensis leaves.  They can be blended into green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, puerh to add to the flavor.

These are great to serve to anyone at anytime of the day, even during meals (ei. lunch, dinner, yum cha), afternoon tea or high tea most are non-caffeinated and kid-friendly.

These teas are also great to blend with other tea types to add to the benefits of your brew.  Flower tea is usually drank for cooling, relaxing, throat-soothing or their taste that are distinct to other types of tea.

Each one is unique.

In the video below however, we enumerate Chinese flower tea to narrow down the choices you can look at.

These are what we recommend for your tea range because of their uniqueness and simplicity.

Chinese Flower Tea video


Chrysanthemum – famous tea that lowers body temperature.

Osmanthus – been used by the Chinese to cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Ginseng Flowers – alleviates tiredness and energizes the mind.


Jasmine buds
Jasmine buds

Jasmine Buds – can help to uplift your mood.

Hibiscus – rich in Vitamin C and good for digestion.





Enjoy introducing your customers to the world of Flower Tea. 🙂

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*Floral teas are not to be confused with flowering teas, blooming teas, blossoming teas, or bouquet teas.

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