Grow your mindset = grow your business

Whether you just started your tea business venture or a seasoned tea seller, you know without growth, your business is heading to the grave.

Now I need to clarify this: growth = progress. We are not saying you have to supercharge your business and turn it into a million-dollar empire (if you don’t want to). The growth referred to is progress in your business, from having 1 order a day to 5, or to give you the extent of satisfaction or freedom in life that you intend to create, using the business as a vehicle to get you there.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a book I love – Carol Dweck’s Mindset.

Her book has reinforced my learning of my capability is expandable before WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW. My capability is NOT predefined – through persistency, learning and effort, I can become the ME that I choose to.

Carol Dweck’s definition of fixed and growth mindsets from a 2012 interview:

“In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb.

In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

Here is Carol Dweck’s Mindset in audio book form – this is my preferred way of learning – in bite size while I am starting the day – making breakfast and listening to something to set the mind towards positivity and achievement 😉

(you can find her book in hard copy form, also some youtube videos)


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