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How to make great iced tea

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Make Amazing Iced Tea

FACT: many boring iced tea around – bland, or sugary or totally not sexy.
FACT: easy to dress up an ordinary glass of iced tea – think cocktails without alcohol.

Essentially any tea can be made into an iced tea. Totally easy to make a stunning iced tea, and we’ll show you how.

Time to divorce those bottled stuff,
Be a Iced Tea Hero!

Tea is versatile – not reserved for the domestic yester-year. Besides drinking it hot, it can be made into mocktail, cocktail, syrup, slushies, and of course good ole iced tea!

While there are certainly plenty of bottled tea around and you can enjoy it irresponsibly, we would encourage you to steer away from these pseudo-healthy “tea” that has shockingly very little tea and truckloads of sugar.

Need some inspiration on making some real iced tea? Glad you asked!

We love playing with tea and in the Recipe section in our tea info library, there are oodles of delicious thirst quenchers.

Here are a few cool numbers:
Mojo – energising thickshake using Puerh and walnuts
Miss Daisy – Ceylon black tea milkshake using Baileys
Arabian Night – refreshing iced rooibos with grape juice

Even a handful of oolong beads such as Tie Guan Yin Light in a covered bottle of water and let it steep overnight in the fridge is very nice!

Bubble tea? Essentially any tea can be made into iced tea, then add a handful of cooked “bubbles” – tapioca tea pearls and voila, bubble tea ala my-style!

What about making ice cubes with one tea, and drop them into another kind of tea, say, Green tea with Jasmine ice cubes + Citrus Amber tea for an afternoon party, served with a frozen fruit bowl perhaps?

Key to making great iced tea?

Double the strength of tea as the ice cubes will dilute your tea and your taste buds have to work hard when you are sipping something cold!