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How To Select Your Tea Range Q&A Session

What teas are you most familiar of? What teas really captures you and made you fall in love?

Who are your customers?

Answer these questions and you will come up with a perfect tea range.

In the above video: This week’s question is from Diana.

Diana is looking at setting up a tea shop after she has gone to China and she just fell in love with tea but before that she already is a tea drinker.

She asks me what teas she should actually sell.

She needs help in terms of narrowing down her tea range.

She is also looking at private labelling which basically means that she really needs to be really specific as compare to having just a generic tea shop.

If you walk into a tea shop often, you think about a lot of tea packages and different varieties of tea.

You always wanted to go in for gold, like a lolly shop kind of concept.

Often, with Private Label, it will be a little bit more trimmed down and focus in terms of tea range.

You might be going for the particular tea property or a specific flavour.

You might even have a particular brand that you are trying to adhere it to.

So, if your brand is has the 1902’s kind of feel then you probably will look for something that gives you that yester-year kind of feel.

So, going back to the tea selection, what we ended up looking at what customer is she trying to serve and what teas she’ll be comfortable selling

When Diana went to China, she learned a lot about green tea and oolong and she has fallen in love with those teas.

So that would be her key.

For others, you might be someone who is drinking English Breakfast since you were young and you’re quite familiar with it.

So you probably will go for a more black tea focus when it comes to choosing your range.

The other thing that you need to consider, and Diana and I also spoke about this, is that what tea is going to be your unique selling point.

I mean, it is good to have English Breakfast and Chamomile in your range but if you are really trying to narrow down the range like you don’t want to sell like a huge tea range and you just wanted to select a particular range for a reason.

If you are aiming for a particular range then you need to skip those generic teas which are readily available in the supermarket.

This is really important for you to think about, if you have English Breakfast and they could pick it up from coles / woolies, why would they even come to you?

Why would they want to spend more?

There is an education involve for you to get them to help your customers answer that question. Why would that want to come and buy English Breakfast from you?

In the initial phase, those teas will be difficult to sell to a certain degree because your customers may not really understand why there is a need for them to buy from you.

If you are really trying to select your range and narrow it down, somewhere between 10-20 kinds of tea, you might not find it necessary to go for an English Breakfast.

What you could do is say, “ Okay, here’s your good ol’ generic English Breakfast but we can do better and take a step further”.

We can step it up and give you Assam.

But you need to explain that Assam is a better version of an English Breakfast tea in some ways.

Look into something specific and enticing than just sticking with what’s popular.

If you’re just going to go with what’s popular and expecting it to sell because everyone knows it then you’re not really committing to that product.

Remember that if you’re not committed, it will reflect to your customers and it will be harder for them to feel that your teas are something special and that they need to have it.

So, there you have it, a short clip of how to select your range.

To sum it up, you just need to remember 2 things:

1. Why you want to sell those teas?
2. What tea range you’re going to go for according to the kind of feel that you wanted to project to your customers.

Do you want to be one of those tea shops that have a very vast tea range or a tea specialist that has a smaller range?

Think about that and shout out to Diana!

It was great talking to you and watch out for you tea pack!

For you guys, if you have any questions don’t be shy and just throw it our way and we will be happy to answer them for you! 🙂

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