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Private Label Tea – Label Creation

Tea packing and labels

Private Label Tea? Custom Pack tea? Signature tea?

There are a few names given when referring to putting a brand on your tea. There are a few names given when referring to putting a brand on your tea, and part of this process is tea packaging and label design. Here we discuss some practical aspects you should consider when designing your labels.

Label Ideas
Label Ideas
In the above video: When it comes to selling tea, packaging is certainly one of these things that you need to think about. It is inevitable and unavoidable.

There are a lot of people selling tea in different ways, for example, there are shops that you go in and say, “Can I have a 100g of English Breakfast” and they will scoop it out from the tin for you. They will weigh it in front of you.

Then there is another way, wherein they already have the tea pre-packed.

If you are looking at selling online, then the prepacked way is the more popular way to go. So packaging depends on the business model that you are running.

The advantage of having a shop where people come in and you pack the tea for them is that authentic feeling, almost like the old days kind of tea shop where people weigh the tea for you as their personal service.

However, if you are a small business, you might find this overwhelming especially if a lot of people is coming in to your shop and while you’re weighing tea for your customer, someone is asking to smell your tea or someone is asking question and this is happening all at once.
If this is the situation then there is certainly an advantage of getting everything pre-packed.

If you are confused with the quantity, in terms of packs you need to get ready, then you need to look at the sales history.

Also make sure that the oldest package is on the first row and the latest is on the back row, you need to rotate and sell the oldest pack first.

When it comes to tea packing, label is also important.

If you are going to have labels done, a cookie-cutter design is highly recommended. It is similar to ours.

Round Tea Tin PackagingGet a professional printer and print them unto a sheet that you can feed into your colour laser printer.

I don’t recommend Injet because they are very expensive to run and when it comes to fine text used in a product label, laser printer is far better.

You can also take a look at other means of creating label such as the thermo printer. The down-side is that there will be a limited design option for you and they don’t print gradating tones.

If you are only opting for a print text and not much design involve, then a thermo printer might be a better option for you.

The process we do with our label printing is by starting off with an excel sheet with all the information in columns we want to print on our label, then we used word to do a data merge to create these labels that have all the information on it.

What happens is, when the excel sheet gets updated, you can change the label on the word document can be done swiftly.

Also, the good thing about having a light colour background is that you can print text on top and the same can be read clearly.

So, that is a far better way to go when it comes to printing your label. front and back labels front and back labels
Now, when it comes to presenting the information on your label professionally, you might also want to think of how the presentation of your label will look in different packaging such as tins, foils and etc., you need to think of the different labelling options you are going to use, the sizes of your label and also the different platform.

Make sure to keep your label clear and clean when it comes to the presentation of your tea information such as the ingredients, brewing suggestion or origin of your tea.

You can multi-purpose the information of your label to the different aspect of your tea business. For example, you can use the brewing suggestions found in your website on the label of your tea.

There you have it, a little bit about how to keep the label of your tea nice and pretty, professional looking, fast to produce and quite economical.

Moreover, if you are going to use white text on dark background, then you’re going to have them print out individually (harder to implement that cookie cutter concept above) and we don’t recommend that if you are still on the first phase of your business, when you are still not sure which tea is going to go on print.

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