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Make Your Own Tea Blend — featuring Sensuous Woman Tea

If you are a tea seller — tea shop, tea boutique, restaurant, cafe, tea business —  having thoughts to make your own tea blend, you have reached the right page of our site.

Firstly, we want to say, hello and welcome.

Here in EmpiroTeas, we are seriously passionate about helping other tea sellers.

We help and share the knowledge we have acquired from more than 10 years in the tea business through our newsletter subscriptions and our latest crash course with free one-on-one call, Tea Biz Rockstar.

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And we are proud to say that we have received feedback from numerous tea business owners telling us that we are doing a good job at guiding them in their tea business ventures.  Hence, we continue to share advice and recommendations here in our site.

On that note, we want to share about how to make your own tea blend, as a game changer in the having a tea selling business.

Is It OK To Make Your Own Tea Blend?


After a while, you start to think of venturing out of the usual Assam, Ceylon, Mint tea, Earl Grey breakfast, Green tea and etc.  Although we are not saying that you can’t stick with the great classics, we just want you to be open-minded about exploration of other teas.

That’s why a lot of tea business have gone into this direction as well, after having a few main staples in their tea range.

Is It Easy To Make My Own Tea Blend?

Well, it may seem more complicated than it is.  But it is very easy when you know what to do.

And, all you need to do is talk to a trusted quality tea supplier.

Private label tea or custom blended tea is a service we do at with our tea business partners.

How Do I Conceptualise My Unique Tea Blend?

There are many mays you can build a concept for a tea blend.

Some can have a certain blend in mind borrowed from a favourite existing tea blend.  Others think of a benefit they want to get highlight about their tea — antioxidant, detox, etc.  It could also be a feel they want with their tea — calming, cooling, refreshing, etc.

But the best way today is A STORY…

Tea featured in the video is Sensuous Woman Tea

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