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Our Organic Teas Confession

Organic Tea

Organic tea is certainly one of the most frequently asked for tea in our range. Australians are certainly moving more and more towards organic food, but are most voting with their wallets when it comes to organic food.

For you as a tea sellers, how do you strike a balance between kind to body and/or nature and business survival / profitability?

Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation

In the above video: In Australia, we are often asked for organic tea. Nowadays everyone is trying to eat healthier, live healthier and in some ways this organic thing almost turns into a fashion.

We all love organic to a degree. I love it too, when it’s sensibly priced.

The problem is that, it’s almost a bit like wedding stuff, whenever something has a wedding as a label, all of the sudden the price has gone up 3 times higher.

That’s the problem with organic stuff, they are going through this period that people are really going crazy at it and there is often actually not enough demand.

Like some of our herbs suppliers, they’re saying, “all of the sudden these few years everyone is going for organic herbs”, and organic herbs actually there’s more ways to it than when the people actually planting them.

Also, it takes longer for the plant to grow, so, to actually to satisfy that growing demand is really difficult.

The other side of this is the certification because there is different certification for different countries and we’re talking to some Australian farmers and they we’re saying that, “look, we love to be certified organic but the problem is all the bureaucratic red-tape, all the auditing, all the cost of the certification involve” and it you export then you have to do it 3 time, 5 times for all these different organic certifications because different country demand different ones.

Golden Wulong (pesticide free)
Golden Wulong (pesticide free)

So, rather than doing that, they just go and plant it as nature intent it to be, organically, and just call it pesticide-free. That’s what they’re (the farmers) doing, rather than calling it certified organic.

There is definitely a bit of a problem there and the other side of it is also that when someone thinks about, you know like when you pick up a box of tea and it says organic black tea and you think about it’s from an organic plantation.

That’s the common sense approach that we are also very passionate about.

The problem is that, actually, there is also organic food processor, that’s another way of being certified organic and we don’t really buy into that… that’s just kind of like saying, you got to wipe down every time, after you’ve touched normal stuff versus organic stuff, with organic disinfectant and things like that.

We just don’t buy that, that’s not common sense approach, I mean if you pick up a box of organic tea, it’s just means that it’s planted from an organic plantation, not certified?… fine… but this food processor thing is a bit… uhmm…

Organic Black Chai
Organic Black Chai

So, there you have it, there’s a little bit of intricacy when it comes to this thing about organic and that’s also why you see on our website not everything is organic because there is the price versus the flavour of it, some of them are still quite washed out, some of the organic stuff, in terms of taste.

The price, especially if there is a growing demand for it; it’s getting difficult to get them and in getting them consistently good because there is no point of me getting organic tea one time and not organic the next time.

You might get a bit confused and that’s definitely not somewhere we want to be in. In, when we see something says “organic”, that means that we have hit those mark; that we can supply it consistently; and they’re from certified organic plantation. So that’s what it means.

If it is organic flavour tea, like organic black chai, that means we have got a certified organic flavour, not just a natural flavour like a lot of those organic flavour teas out there, it is actual organic certified flavour.

So, there you have it! A little bit something for you to think about when it comes to organic.

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