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Power Up Your Tea Business

To run a leaf tea business successfully, online or offline, you need to know your customers.

Not all tea drinkers are your target market!

How do you find your ideal customers, and how can they find you? We have some tips for you in this video.

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The thing about selling loose leaf tea is that there is a lot of work involved, in terms of encouraging customers to try something better.

In this world that is flooded with tea bags, there are lots of people who can’t get over the barrier of convenience.

So we need to ask ourselves… Who are my customers?

Just imagine, people are going to buy a rust bucket out there and not going to be interested no matter how much you tell them a Mercedes is fantastic. People will just tell you, only rich people can afford it.

OolongWith leaf tea, it actually helps slow people down and it is a matter of a lifestyle choice.

If you don’t choose to slow down, no matter how overwhelmed you are, they are not going to slow down and they will keep thinking, “I need to rush, the more I rush, the more I can get things done and the more that I multi-task, the better I am”.

Leaf tea is a lifestyle choice because you need to find people who are ready to slow down. Who are ready to say, “My health matters”.

It’s not something that you can just convey in terms of cost, whether it is cheaper or not.

The interesting thing is that, when we did a video comparing leaf tea and tea bags, it turned out that leaf tea is actually cheaper than tea bags.

You can sit down and work the numbers out.

A typical teabag will be about 2g a tea and our leaf tea retail pack is about 60g or 200g, you can go ahead and compare them, see what you think. You can compare them with your tea.

You can also demonstrate that comparison in front of your customers or give them something so that they will understand that price is purely a mental block. It is not real.

And so is convenience.

It is not difficult to get a little bit of tea from a tin and pop it in a tea cup or an infuser and pour hot water in.

It is pretty simple – just like what some people are opting from a teabag.

The question now is where do you find your customers?

Not all tea drinkers are your customers.

Just like not all drivers out there are Mercedes buyers or rust bucket buyers.

There are definitely these differences that we need to look at and address.

If you are always looking into trying to capture everybody or every tea drinkers, you are going to have a hard time to actually please any one of them.
tea packaging examples
If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.

So, how do you find your customers and how will they find you?

I was talking to a customer the other day, she has a tea business online, and she is really struggling and has started doing print advertising.

I told her that if you are going to do print advertising, that person who is reading your ad will probably say, “Okay, I better remember this website. When I get home, I’ll check it out”.

Most people are still doing that, because not all people are actually thinking about getting their smartphone out and just take a picture of the ad (or check it out on their phone browser).

This means that you are actually making people to jump from one media platform which is print ad, and to another media which is online.

There is a great divide between these media platforms and not everyone will be able to cross between the two successfully.

In another words, most people when they get home, they won’t remember to check out your website.

If you think of it that way, an online advertising is far better, like the Google Adwords, that would be your first port of call when it comes to online marketing or advertising.

I recommend for you to look into it, either you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

It is really worthwhile to make sure that you have the right presence there.

If you just want them to buy a pack of tea from you and don’t expect them to come then, then just do the Adwords and be done with it.

So think about how to make your customers come back to you again and again.

Opening Door-wide2That is relationship building.

If you want them to come back again and again, which most of us want, then it is a matter of helping your customers to understand your tea more so that they will buy more.

Sometimes buy making suggestions or offering sample of other tea you have will make them come back for more and you can certainly build a relationship with your customers.

Also give them more information about your tea, if you are selling detox tea then it implies that they are actually looking after their health from a detox perspective, what you could do is share with your customers those articles that you have found when you yourself were researching when you were creating your detoxing tea product.

Maybe pull out an excerpt from that article and put it at the back of your shipping document, picking ticket or invoice or whatever document that goes out with the goods.

Give them a little something and they will think that you are not just in it for the money. 🙂

It is really important to connect that way.

There you have it, a little about wrapping your business together in to a nice attractive puzzle and hopefully you will find more customers to help your business flourish.

Moreover, by asking them why they keep coming back to you and that will help you focus investing on which area to advertise or market.

After this, we are going to start our Q&A sessions and videos.

We constantly receive a lot of inquiries from our customers and some other people and we have decided to take some time to go through all these questions that might be helpful to you.

Stay tune for our upcoming Q&A video sessions and as always, we would love to hear some feedback from you.

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