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Puerh, Pu-erh, Puer Tea: Many Spellings, One-Of-A-Kind

Puer Tea, a.k.a. pu-erh tea or puerh tea, in its purest form (not blended) is a vintage one-of-a-kind tea.  It is aged and great for circulation that is great for the tummy.

Two years ago, we started to get a lot of inquiry about puerh. We were surprised because it was a not-so-well-known tea at that time.  Since then, it has gained a lot of fans.

It was a worldwide sensation, kind of how matcha became a star in the culinary world a few years back as well.

We know puerh will be explored more and more as well as more people discover this.  Don’t let yourself be the last to know.

Let our videos below explain more about this tea.

Introduction to Puerh

Did you know that thee Chinese was compacting their tea so they can travel their tea everywhere better.  They then discovered the process of compacting tea made it better. 

Originally, 10-15 years is not even enough for puerh to be drinkable.

Puerh Cake Raw and Ripe 

Puerh Tea may have a lot of  spellings (puer tea or pu-erh tea) because it has been derived from the Chinese name itself.

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