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Private Label Tea 101 – Overview


Want to create your own Private Label Tea?

Do you have a specific plan in mind on how to get started?

Private label tea is a great way to create a profitable tea business but it means you get to be more creative – expressing your values and mission through your tea brand.

Not sure where to start? This Private Label Tea 101 is for you. 

A quick guide in learning the basics of creating your very own Private Label Tea.

In the above video: So you’re looking again on your own private label tea.

That’s fantastic and really an exciting thing when we are in that creative space and say that “yes” I can do better than all the other people.

So what is the process?

To put it really simply, what we can do for you firstly is to look at your goals, dreams your preferences, target market and audience.

Once we’ve got those things clearer, we move onto finding teas that’s going to match that. You might probably already have some teas in mind that you want a sample that’s fine; we can get an organized sample for you.

If you have a recipe we can do a custom blending for you and in relation to that we can give you a sample to try and there’s a fee and a process involve.

Basically we go through understanding what you need, sort of a discovery session. Then we will look for teas that match those needs and goals.

Then we go into production.

It really depends on what you really want us to do, if it us bulk bag then it’s simple, once you signed-up for a membership then you can just go ahead and purchase online anytime.

If you wants us to create custom tea blend for you, and you got your recipe finalized, you have tasted the sample and you’re happy then we will go ahead and quote you based on the quantity and of course the packing.

We can supply the custom tea blend as a bulk bag so that you can go ahead and pack it your selves.

We can also package them on a custom packing based on your requirement whether you want us to pack it into little pouches and tins.

Whether you need us to put some simple designs and label.

If you’ve got someone who’s artistic around you who can help you with those label creations then it’s not going to be a problem.

We can do you as much or as little in that whole tea branding or process.

So we can simply just do the tea manufacturing, private labeling or tea packing.

Basically buying tea from us in Australia is definitely very easy and we are based in Sydney.

We do a lot of processes online, we will put you through a process to understand what you are really looking for by filling in a questionnaire and setting up a time so that we can talk and get to know what you are aiming for.

Ready to start your private label tea – connect with us here.

Private Label Tea 101 Course consists of:

  • Create Your Private Label Tea – Overview
  • Create Your Private Label Tea – Range Size
  • Create Your Private Label Tea – Packaging
  • Create Your Private Label Tea – Tea Choice (You are here)

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