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Reasons Why Tea with Chocolate Will Boost Your Sales

Determining what goes into your tea range or tea collection takes you to decide what you want to offer as a brand.

We understand since we have been selling tea for more than 10 years to retailers and wholesalers thru  We highly recommend to feature this tea in your list of what tea to sell because it can boost your sales.

Here are the reasons how Chocolate tea can get you more sales.

1. Simple to understand.

Chocolate tea is a combo of loose leaf tea, sometimes spices, and cacao nibs.  A simple concept drawn out of the world’s love for chocolate.

Currently, there are 6 chocolate teas we offer — Chocolaty Chocolate Tea.

It will instantly get people interested and tuned in once you talk about it to your customers.

Chocolate is Easter, the Birthday Cake, the Holidays, Valentines, etc.

2. It isn’t boring.  There’s variety.

Here’s a little bit more info on the Chocolate teas that are more popular among our retail customers.

If your customers love milk tea (a common request) and they are looking for a chocolate tea taste that would stay above milk, these are the recommended teas great mixed with milk.

Choc Spice - an authentic cupp of spicy chocolate teaChoc Spice has a little spice kick.  A real party in the mouth with the ginger and wolfberries to mix with the cacao nibs when you mix it with milk.

Tahiti, newest from among all chocolate teas mentioned, is a drinkable version of Australia’s favorite pastry, the Lamington. It has coconut that mixes so well with cacao nibs that give off such a beautiful smell.

Cocoa Haven would be an obvious choice, as it has the most chocolaty taste.  So if you want something to transition from chocolate milk itself to chocolate milk tea, then go for this tea.

Then Daydream, another spiced chocolate tea but what’s different is it has anise. This reminds me of a chocolate version of old fashioned Dutch anijsmelk.

3. The healthier chocolate.

Health reasons is among the biggest reasons why we sell tea.  Tea is just so wonderful in giving health benefits making it more enjoyable to drink.

With chocolate tea, it is no doubt a healthier choice as you get the infusion of cacao nibs in the tea instead of consuming cocoa powder mixed in drinks that have relatively higher fat content and sometimes very unhealthy amounts of sugar.


Exotic Teas and Herbs

These chocolate teas are all available in the “Tea for Chocoholics” portion of

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