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Preparing For The Season of Autumn Teas

Autumn: spices, harvest, bright then subtle colors, cooler temperatures, transition, celebrate and accept the change of seasons.

Offering warming autumn teas, which reflect the colors of the season, can help the body prepare for the darker winter months.

Here are the autumn teas our herbalist, Pat Bratianu, recommend to give warmth that will give great comfort to your tea customers.

Preparing for Winter Wellness with Tea


Fall is the time to strengthen the immune system and prepare the respiratory tract to fight off winter illnesses.  Tasty teas support wellness and provide needed hydration during autumn days and nights.

Enjoy Colorful Teas at Autumn Holiday Celebrations

Colorful teas which reflect the beauty of the season are a delight at this time of year.  Chrysanthemum, Mandarin Puerh (tea blend featured last month),

Celebrate autumn with hibiscus.

Hibiscus, and other brightly colored teas are delightful to share with friends at autumn celebrations.

Prepare the body with Calendula.

Calendula is a beautiful flower tea which helps to prepare the body for winter.

Start and End Autumn Days with Hearty Teas

Starting the day with a hearty black tea and ending it with a fruity and spicy blend.  These teas warm the body and soul.

Doesn’t offering a cup of a hearty English or Irish Breakfast tea for your customers sound like a terrific way to greet a cool autumn morning?

Give warmth with Chai.
Spicy Chai

Try suggesting Spicy Chai on a chilly fall evening.  Organic teas and caffeine-free chai blends are delicious.

Support your respiratory system with Berry Ferry
Berry Fairy

Lastly, Load up on Tea Rich in Vitamins That Strengthen the Immune System

Berry Fairy is a fruity tea which contains elderberries. Elderberries are outstanding for respiratory and immune system support.

Turkish Apple is rich in Vit C
Turkish Apple


Turkish Apple Tea can celebrate the harvest and provide vitamin C which enhances the function of the immune system.

Both are excellent teas for adults and children.



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