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Tea Blending Empress Garden with Love

Tea Blending series - Empress Garden

Green tea is a big favourite among Australians and the whole wide world of tea drinkers. It is the most talked about type of tea due to many research and discoveries of benefits of green tea.

It is also what we recommend for tea shops, restaurants and cafes to have enough stock of because of its popularity.

Jasmine tea, a Chinese green tea with jasmine flowers, is one we sometimes run out of but not only because we have many orders of it but also because it is a nice based for tea blending.

Empress Garden is sample of this. Watch the video below to know more.

Tea blending is something we offer especially for different occasions for you to love and experiment with as well.

Unique blends appeal to customers as you can market your principles and concepts you have uniquely for your own brand and be more than just the standard tea-serving business.


How To Make Your Own Tea Blend


Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix

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