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Tea Blending Mandarin Puerh: Designed To Detox

Tea blending for the purpose of coming up with a tea you can drink for health purposes is very possible.

One example is the Mandarin Puerh.

Puerh tea cake broken and mixed to wolfberries and mandarin orange slices to add a sweeter fruity vibe to the gentle notes in the dark tea.

Majority of its fans are men but everyone can enjoy this lovely blend.

This tea was a traditional concept blend to help detox from the puerh that helps in weight loss and then added with more ingredients that make it even better.

One can definitely make a unique tea blend for every purpose – weight loss, digestion, food pairing, etc.

If you wanted to have a tea that can capture your unique palate, your unique audience, your specific style, you can absolutely do so.  We can even help you.

How To Make Your Own Tea Blend

Tea Blending - private label tea - make your own tea mix


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