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Tea Business Survival Guide 1 – Double Your Sales

For your tea business to survive, or even better, thrive, you need to double your sales!

Did I hear a resounding “Yuk”?

I know, doubling sales sounds soooo…salesy.

You create the tea business for the love of tea. You don’t want to become tea pusher.


Your tea business needs revenue. No revenue, no lovely tea in. Shop close.

We have seen this again and again. People go into tea business for the love of tea, but cannot bare the thought of “selling tea”.


No need to twist anyone’s arms to sell more! Selling is a matching making process!


  1. know thyself – your UNIQUE selling point is key to your tea business survival. After all it is far easier to hop over to supermarket and pay less for tea.
    Eg. David loves all things Japanese. So his tea shop specialises in Japanese tea.
  2. marketing – even if you know why you create this business, you have to communicate well. Marketing is the message and method of communicating the message to the world which doesn’t know you or know you well. This is the way you get more fresh eyeballs into your shop, online or offline.
    Eg. Create marketing / ads to tell others who loves Japanese culture to come to his shop for a piece of Japan.
  3. use 2 ears first – we are born with 2 ears and 1 mouth and they should be used in this ratio. Listen to your customers. Did they say they need a light or strong green tea?
    Eg. Ask more about the customer – use open ended questions more than close, in the ration of about 3 to 1. What, How, Why, When more than Is, Does.
  4. paraphrase – we all want to make sure we are heard. So after you gain the info above, build rapport by repeating it back to their customers.
    This helps them to know you hear them and you care enough to double check you have got it right.
    Trust is a foundation block to doubling your sale.
    Eg. “Ok, so you are saying you like light green tea, right? How about bancha – it is a nice light green tea? “
  5. upsize – focus on doubling the pack size to purchase is a matter of convenience. Sell the convenience, sell the ease – go along the line of emotional gain. Promote how it feels to get a bigger pack.
    Talk about money saved if there is a big discount. Otherwise, forget it. People are no longer turned on by small shavings of price.
    Eg. “This 1kg pack is great for you. This year’s bancha is a good harvest. I love this as the morning freshener tea.”
  6. cross-sale – x-sale is useful to double the sale. If one buys loose leaf tea, do they have a strainer or teapot to make it? I am surprised SO MANY tea business sells tea and not sell any teaware whatsoever. Make your customers’ life easy, and they will come back to you.
    Eg. “Just curious, what do you use to make your leaf tea?”

Doubling your tea sales is about connect to build trust, then communicate your unique selling point. Master this, and double your tea sales or business will come naturally.