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Tea Class 2-13/13 Tea and Food Matching

Certainly food is a great compliment to a good cup of tea.

If you are selling tea, whether in Australia or other countries, tea and food matching could be a great way to showcase your tea in a different perspective.

In this video we discuss some tips on tea and food matching, and where you can find even more tips – Australian Tea Guide 2014 edition.

Tea and food matching…

Before you start thinking that this is some kind of a snobbish – like stuff you get in a 5 star hotel, go back a step – think about last time you had a cup of tea and you went almost on autopilot, got a biscuit to go with that tea.

And you might say certain of biscuit works with this tea but not that kind of biscuit…that’s tea and food matching.

The most interesting part about tea and food matching is that you are free to mix and match and create a lot of weird combos.

Some think there is no rule in tea and food matching!

But we would propose these 2 basic concepts that you could talk to your customers about tea and food matching:

1. Complimentary
2. Interesting Contrast

For example, if you’ve got a berry muffin and you go with a berry tea, that’s complimentary.

They are basically of the same kind of taste.

If you match your chocolate with your chai, they are not exactly of the same taste but they contrast each other and give you this interesting and exciting combo.

In our latest tea guide, Australian Tea Guide 2014, there are a lot of tea and food pairs discussed.

There a lot of recipes and some of the basic concept tea and food matching such as the combination of dark meat with red tea or white tea with very light type of food or Oolong with heavy weight type of food such as red meat or food rich with carbohydrate.

We also have Yum Cha and there are a lot of interesting recipes.

The 2014 Australian Tea Guide is our foodie edition! 🙂

There are certainly a lot of tea and food combinations that you can try and it’s up to you if you wanted to give it a go and be adventurous with your tea.

If strawberry can go perfectly with balsamic vinegar, then a lot of things can go together!

So, it’s your turn to give it a go, have fun!

Got English Breakfast in your pantry? Go get nuttier things or red meat.

Green Tea goes really well with white meat, fish or lighter broth type of dishes.

Have a bit of a play, you will definitely find some interesting matching that will come out from these combos.

If you discover something interesting in tea and food matching, feel free to share it with us here.

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