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The Queen’s Tea on Queen’s Day

Queens Day Tea Tradition

Queens tea -

Queen’s Day was intentioanally scheduled on a day that has probability of good weather.  This means it is fine weather to celebrate the beauty of life by sipping some tea.

So what better drink to prepare during this holiday?  Queen’s Tea of course!

Queen’s favourite teas are Earl Grey and Darjeeling.  Two of some of the finest teas we have in

Earl Grey was reputably a tea that was so worthy, it was gifted to royalty, then later named after royalty Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister.  While Darjeeling is a very fine herbal tea be crowned as “champagne of tea”.

So let’s keep calm and drink tea!

Queen’s Tea is created for those who love the strength and comfort of classical black tea.

Full of flavour yet with a refreshing softness from the bergamot flavour and a touch of rose, Queen’s Tea is not only fit for the Queen but also Earl Grey and Darjeeling tea lovers.

Queen’s Tea blend can be bought at

Best enjoyed light to medium strength, in fine china with a dash of milk.

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