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Time to Wash your Brain and Rock your Tea Sales!

How to make tea selling profitable?

Whether you are a tea house, cafe, selling private label tea, detox or other exotic tea, a healthy mindset will make selling profitably much easier!

So time to get ready to get a nice clean mind, and rock your tea sales!

In the above video: Hello, Salina here from

This is our 37th week together or maybe a little bit more.

Well, the video series started with a very clear goal in mind and that is sharing information with you guys.

I know that in running a business, whether you’re a manager or a business owner, you often find yourself kind of stuck in a box and you just cannot think that there’s got to be better way out or sometimes you wish someone would just give you a hand.

I think I’ve felt that, too. I’m feeling it every now and then as well.

So this is my way of offering some of the information that hopefully would be useful to you and help you out in just untying some of the knots and finding that light to the end of the tunnel, that kind of stuff.

To start off, the video series was more into the technical info like what is black to you or what is green to you and things like that.

This helped you to create a very basic relationship with your customer because if they come in and just ask do you have English breakfast and what not, you got to have that information to help them out.

Young Woman Playing ChessHowever, as I see it, this relationship is kind of basic because it’s transactional.

To demand or create a better relationship that is going to be continuous, you need to provide more information and credibility to build up the trust.

From this concept we go to the second series which is more about how you can really try to lock in that relationship with them in a very mutually beneficial way.

That’s why we are looking at selling as a match-making process.

It’s really not about being sneaky and selling whatever is popular. Often it has to go beyond that.

You have to really listen to your customers’ needs and wants and try to find the right thing for them.

Then, we go on to the third series.

The third series is kind of a bit of a mismatch because it’s a question and answer but a lot of them are actually because a lot of our customers gradually move deeper into the business growth and they’re asking different kind of questions.

So, we talked about having tea talks or should we expand the tea range. There are all these different topics like online tea sales.

These are the things that, as you start to grow in the business, you start to learn and to wonder.

This is really a fantastic series because it actually gets down to the better grasp of what really matters.

Now, we are on to the fourth series and this is going to be a bit of out there for some of you. We’re going to talk about mindset.

Mindset is something that is so crucial to your business growth that perhaps you have kind of taken it for granted.

I’ll give you an example.

A female stands above a cliff along the rocky shore of the Baja Peninsula watching the sun set behind the ocean's horizon.Let’s just say you wake up in the morning, get out of bed and you step on something kind of sharp and you got like “oh crap” and the whole day you just find bad things like your toast being burnt, the traffic jam, and customers being nasty, whatever.

It just seemed like the holiday has gone too poor, right? Versus, if you step on that sharp object again and you just go “oop whoops” and you go on your day without really thinking about it twice.

Everything might just become a lot simpler and a lot easier without you realizing your pains gone after stepping on that sharp object.

And that is mindset. If that day you kept thinking about the negative stuff, it’s going to be really hard for you to power up that day and this is going to affect how you relate to your customers, your stuff and yourself.

Just think about this. If your mindset is saying I’ve got to do this, no one else can do better or faster than me or I don’t have enough money but I’ll just going to work it out.

That’s when you get yourself stuck in that mindset that no one can help you out and you cannot be leveraged. When you cannot be leveraged, the business would be really hard to grow.

So, I welcome you to the next series and I hope it will be useful to you, as useful as the last blog or maybe more useful.

And of course, if you have any question or feedback, I love to get them so that we can make this really help you rock your tea sales.

We do go back to some of the old videos and tweak them a bit or if we find new related information we add them to the blog post where the video is posted.

So, if there’s anything you want to check again, just go back to those videos.

Last but not the least; I want to leave you a little piece.

Hopefully this will get you into a nicer mindset.

Think about your 24 hour a day as your 24 dollar budget.

This was taught to me by one of my business coaches. This is really quite true because if you only got 24 hours or 24dollars a day, you cannot spend over that budget.

No one has the 25th hour on that day.

So, if you could just really look into that and say where can I make the most impact with my 24 hours and just focus on those high impact activities and try to take out those low impact stuff and give it to someone else to do, you’re going to find yourself a lot less stressful, a lot more trusting and also a lot happier and maybe, an added bonus, a lot healthier, too.

Think about it and see how you can actually plan your 24 hour dollar budget and make it work for you.

I love to hear what you think about this concept.

Drop your comment underneath this video and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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