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What are the suitable tea range for Cafe and Deli? Q&A Session

Cafes and Delis are two different markets.

These two also needs different tea selection which will fit both to their budgets and their target customers.

Are you a Cafe owner or a Deli owner? Still having trouble figuring out which teas are you going for?

Let us help you with that!

Well its question and answer time again.

This week we got a question from Chris.

Chris is saying that he wants to start up a business selling tea and he wants to sell to café’s as well as selling it to boutique-deli shops type of things and he’s wondering how he can actually create a tea range suitable for both markets.

Now this is an interesting question, thank you Chris for that. I think it’s interesting in the sense that they seem quite similar because at the end of the day we are talking about selling tea.

It’s not like selling tea to one and selling tea-spoons to another one or something like that.

The fact is that they are actually quite different markets.

And the reason I say this is because when you are on selling tea to café’s and by no means I’m trying to offend anyone but typically café’s is not very focused on the quality of tea and so what they typically more focused on is how much it is and how easy it is for them to get the tea.

So because of that often what we are competing with is other coffee suppliers and in that way it is really quite unfortunate in the sense that coffee suppliers again don’t care about quality.

It’s a lot about the price and they’re trying to give their customers a one-stop shop solution so they will throw up pretty cheap tea, and for us, because we are actually boutique hand blend type of teas, it is actually really hard to compete in that market.

Now I’m not saying all café customers are like that in fact there are some that insist on leaf tea, insists on good leaf tea so those are the ones you need to hone in to but what you need to be aware of is not all café customers are like that, the majorities are not in fact.

So when you set your own expectation don’t think that “aw shocks” you know I have approached ten café’s and I only get a couple of bites or something like that.

You really need to actually even before you select those ten ask yourself, are they just random ten or are they actually people who you have looked at.

Maybe you have gone to their café or checked out their website, whatever it might be you get some background information that you know they care for quality.

You know if they care for quality coffee as well as care for quality foods it’s not just you know, any generic café bistro type food then you might have a better chance to actually getting your tea in it without you sacrificing too much of profit .

And that’s the other part of it, how do you actually get your profit in and also quick delivery so that could be a really a different conversation we’re not going to dig deep into this.

Going back to the other part of Chris question is that he wants to sell it more of boutique type delis shop that sort of thing.

So what that means is that their shops typically they don’t want to pack their tea. They want it to be packaged up typically to a box nicely ready for on sale.

So that market is actually really different because they just really want something pop on their shelf ready to sell versus café is they don’t care about the packaging, don’t give me all these tiny little boxes of tea.

Just give me a bit good sack of it so I can just replenish easily.

They are really quite different markets. If you imagine if you need a pair of jeans, you could go to old targets or you could go to Ralph Lauren or wherever that is quite different in terms of price range and brand and quality and all that.

So don’t try to make yourself kind of a one-size fits all but instead look at, “okay who am I going to serve?”

And if you decide that it’s the café market, focus on that, just get good at that first.

If you want to focus on your boutique people, some people who actually really wanting retail packs, that’s a different market focus on, get good at it, then you can get on to your café customers and what not .

So I hope this helps you.

Chris told us that this is something that is useful to him because these two are actually different things.

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I’ll catch you next time.

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