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What Is Your Custom Tea Blend Process? Q&A Session

To compete in the growing tea market, you need a unique selling point.

Should you stock a wide range or just a few? What will make it easier to sell more tea?

How about private label tea?

In the above video: This week’s question is from Karen.

Karen decided to create her first ever tea business.

She has been talking to us about whether it is best to get a lot of different teas or just focus on a particular range.

She also wants her brand on these tea packs.

What we are going to go for private label tea.

She has picked up a couple range of tea from our existing range but she also wants to do some special ones with her personal touch to it.

So, she asked us, what is the custom tea pack process?

Thank you for the question Karen.

Let us share this process with everybody!

To start with, you will need a recipe with their corresponding percentage.

But if you don’t have, we can certainly help you work it out based on our knowledge and experience, especially on the tea aspect.

We also have an herbalist who can help us into working it out as well, to come up with a recipe just for your own use. Working with our herbalist will cost you $150.

Now going back to the custom blend process, so assuming that the recipe is all good and ready, we will start by blending a sample for you to taste.

Usually for the sample, you will get about 20g per tea.

If you need some tiny tweaks on the recipe, that wouldn’t be a problem, we will do it for free.

Once you are happy with the recipe, we will go ahead and quote you according to your own preference whether you want a 50g bag, 20g pouch, tins or whatever packaging you prefer.

Just a note though that we don’t typically quote before the recipe approval is done.

Simply because, just imagine that if I throw you all these recipes and quotes and they are all kind of like looking alike, it’s just going to be confusing.

So we prefer to just give you one final quote that is nice and relevant to exactly what you are going ahead with production.

Some people will say, “I want to know how much this is going to cost me while I am trying the tea”.

The answer is actually depends on how much market research you have done.
If you have looked at the similar products out there and if its $14 then you might say that, “I want the cost to be $7, just for the tea, because I still have to think about marketing and all the other bits that I have to pay for”.

The sooner you get this clear instruction to us, the easier for us to hit that mark, especially in the sample creation.

Just imagine if we still need to pluck out some expensive herbs, then we might not be able to hit that on time.

It is good to get that clarity ahead of time, how you can achieve this? Do some market research.

Now, once you are happy with the quotes then we will go ahead with production.

This custom tea blend sampling process is going to cost you $50 with those 20g samples and a couple of little tweaked samples.

Then, there is also the $150 tea recipe that we can create with you.

Again, we will need your clear instruction with that, whether you want it to be nice and tasty, or you want the digestive but you don’t want to use peppermint, whatever that might be, we need clarity on those things before we get started.

After you provide that, we can start working with our herbalist, she has an amazing 25-year experience in this field and many different modalities in terms of alternative healing.

So there you have it, we can definitely accommodate your custom blending need.

Thank you Karen for asking this question and because of that you will get a nice gift tea pack from us! J

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