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Where Does Our Tea Come From?

Taipei-Reservoir-Tea Garden

True or False

Is Chinese tea from China?

English Breakfast from England?

Did your tea gone for a world-wide trip before arriving at your doorsteps?

Find out more about this seemingly obvious question – where does your tea come from.

Keemun Red - Chinese Tea
Keemun Red – Chinese Tea

In the above video: Often we get asked, where do our tea come from?

I really find this an interesting question when I first started working with tea because I kind of think that, well, isn’t Japanese tea from Japan; Chinese tea from China?

And the fact is, NO!

In Australia, there are actually a lot of large tea suppliers that actually buy all these different teas.

Whether they’re Sri Lankan black tea or Chinese green tea and all that, they actually buy it from Europe particularly distribution house or sorting house from Germany and it is where they actually do a lot of sorting, mixing and grading.

Because of that, you can just go to this one company and buy all these different things and then they ship it in Australia.

Just imagine the world tour that your Chinese green tea is having, going all the way from China to Germany and then to Australia.

If you’re not sure where your tea actually made its last stop, ask you supplier and see whether they actually know about it because a lot of them don’t because it’s not something that everybody go and ask.

For us, we are bit more stubborn, we would rather like fresh tea and we rather like Chinese tea from China.

So we import if from China if it’s Chinese tea, Japan for Japanese tea, Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan or Ceylon tea, India for the Indian tea and there are some herbs from Europe as well.

So, definitely there is all kind of places that we’re importing separately for particular tea or herbs.

Where do your teas come from?

Definitely not just as you think and there are different suppliers sourcing their tea differently, so the freshness is something that you want to ask them about and see if they know more about it and they can provide you a bit more information of where your tea comes from.


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  1. comment from a customer – there are suppliers who market all of their teas from Europe (even Chinese tea, going through the worldwide trip mentioned above) because Europe has high quality standards so this way the tea is more guaranteed in quality control side of things.
    We agree this is a possible way to control quality but at the same time, the sacrifice of freshness and the cost increase for these extra mileage the tea clocks up are high.
    And is tea “checked by Europeans” really that much better in quality…well…

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